Your Hair, Skin, Nails & Ionized Water

Your Hair, Skin, Nails & Ionized Water

Healty Hair & NailsAre you letting that water from the drain hose just go down the drain?  If so you may not be getting some of the best “outwardly visible” benefits of your water ionizer.

It’s true that what you put into your body inevitably has an impact on every single part of your body, including your hair and nails.  The quality of food and water that you consume has a lot to do with your overall well being and health.  But that acid water that you’re letting go down the drain can help improve the look, feel and condition of your hair, skin & nails.

Your water ionizer can open up a new world of possibilities for healthier and more attractive hair, skin and nails.  You can get more benefit from your current “beauty regimen” and you may find yourself saying “bye-bye” to a few staple beauty products as well!

The acidic water that your water ionizer produces has a pH of 6.0-4.0.   This mild acid water is perfect when used as a conditioning rinse.   While it reduces tangles, this acidic water will also help to give your hair a healthy, attractive shine.

You can take a bottle of acid water in the shower with you for a quick “rinse” before you get out or keep it in a spray bottle – after a light “towel dry,” give your hair a good spraying with the acid water and comb/brush through.    You may find yourself eliminating some of your old staple hair care products and colored hair will be more resistant to fading.  Your hair smooth, soft and never sticky.

By drinking alkaline ionized water, you are helping to improve the health and appearance of your hair and nails.  Drinking water that has enhanced hydration benefits means cells are replenished/rehydrated better.  One big secret to “movie star skin” – they drink a LOT of water.

How many facial cleansers do you have floating around your bathroom?  What about toners?  Why not give this a try -

After you remove your make-up or clean your face as you usually do, soak a soft washcloth in acidic ionized water and give your face a good “once over” with it.  Wring it out, soak it again and repeat – and maybe just one more time.  NOW try applying your moisturizer.  Notice a difference?  I did – the first time I tried it.

Aside from a little eye-liner and tinted lip gloss, I don’t wear makeup.  And I don’t use any sort of facial cleaning products either.  I just use acidic ionized water and a soft washcloth.  I’ve been doing this for years – the first time I tried it I noticed that my moisturizer seemed to smooth into my skin like it never had before.  My moisturizer?  Another “natural” choice – a blend of avocado, jojoba and sesame oils – and I mix in a little vitamin E oil in the evenings.

I actually had a male customer call me one time laughing – his friends asked him if he was wearing makeup.  He had been drinking alkaline water and washing his face using only acidic water for about two weeks.  The difference in his skin tone, the evening of his complexion and the glow of his skin had his friends convinced that he had started wearing some sort of light makeup.

Don’t let that good acid water go down the drain!  Catch it in a jar and keep it in the bathroom!  You may find it’s one of your new best beauty “secrets.”