Ionized Water and Weight Loss

Ionized Water and Weight Loss

Your body’s pH level has a lot to do with weight gain and weight loss.  Most people know that eating rich or fatty foods leads to weight gain and poor circulation but few realize how and why this happens.  We’ll start with an explanation of how your body’s pH balancing system works and then discuss how alkaline ionized water helps the body’ in its ongoing effort to protect itself.

One of your body’s highest priorities is regulating the pH of your blood.  The blood is the body’s only transport system for nutrients and over acidity inhibits the body’s capacity to deliver healthy nutrients to vital organs. afford to be acidic.

All of your organs work constantly to ensure that your blood is kept at the correct pH level. The ideal pH level for your blood is 7.365. If it dips down to pH 7, for example, your blood will be approximately four times more acidic than it should be. You would slip into a coma and die from the poisoning of your blood. When you ingest acidic foods, pollution, or if you experience stress, then you create an acidic environment within your body. The acid waste travels throughout your body via the blood until the kidneys dump them.

When the body has excess acids that it is unable to reduce or eliminate, the acid waste is turned into fatty deposits as part of the body’s constant effort to protect itself  from acid waste accumulation.   High consumption of  acidic or acid producing foods combined with stresses and pollutants that we encounter each day leaves the body with few options outside of stockpiling this acid waste is stocked in fatty deposits.  The body’s detox organs are already working has hard as they can to rid the body of acidic waste – the “extra” stuff sits in fatty deposits waiting for a let-up in the stream of acidic waste so that it can be eliminated.  To further protect the body it stores these fatty deposits as far away from your vitals organs as possible.   This is why  most weight gain occurs in the thighs, belly, upper arms and buttocks, although genetics do play a role in where fat is most likely to be stored.

In one way,  fat is saving our lives by protecting our body’s vital organs from damaging acid waste.  In other ways, these fatty deposits lead to other health issues like high cholesterol, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, bone and joint pain from the stress of carrying excess weight.  And we can’t forget the mental/emotional stresses of being more than a few pounds overweight in a society that puts so much emphasis on appearance.

The body’s metabolic process requires balance to properly perform.   Human cells have acidic interiors, surrounded by  interstitial fluid which is alkaline.  This alkaline “buffer” between the cells keeps them from clumping and allows them to move and flow freely.  Without the proper balance between the interior and exterior, cells have a hard time flowing into surrounding tissues. This reduces the body’s metabolism and low metabolism is associated with weight gain.

Ionized water has an alkaline pH level that helps to balance your body’s acidic environment.  It is also an antioxidant which reduces the amount of waste in the body giving it a chance to start pulling additional acid waste from stored fat deposits.   Proper pH balance improves metabolism.  Higher metabolism allows the body to burn off more fat.  Weight loss and increased energy is much easier to achieve when the body is re-balanced.  As your body is relieved from excess acid waste, circulation improves, metabolism improves which leads to increased energy and stamina.  Exercise efforts become less draining and more energizing.  Increased stamina lets you exercise longer – all of these things work together towards reaching your healthy, ideal weight.