Ionized Water for Nasal Allergy Relief

Ionized Water for Nasal Allergy Relief

You’ve probably heard how drinking alkaline ionized water can boost your immune system.  And how acidic ionized water can be used to treat rashes, eczema and other skin conditions.

But did you know that ionized water can help relieve nasal allergy symptoms and reduce your risk of developing a sinus infection?

Here’s how you can use ionized water to relieve nasal allergy symptoms and “itchy eyes”…..

Runny nose, headaches, itchy eyes, swelling of nasal passages – it’s that time of year again.  Before you reach for an over-the-counter or prescription allergy treatment, try using acidic ionized water.

When faced with an irritant or allergen, the body’s first line of defense is a “purge.”  It begins producing additional fluids and mucous in an attempt to flush the offending substance from the body.  That’s why runny noses and watery eyes are among the most common allergy symptoms.

The common practice is to take something that either blocks the body’s natural response or “dries up” what the body is producing.  In the end, both of these methods can ultimately lead to infection as the body is unable to naturally release what it recognizes as unhealthy.  Your symptoms may go away but as the irritants and allergens build up with no “flushing,” you are laying the groundwork for infection.

A healthier alternative is treating yourself with acidic ionized water.

By putting a few drops of acidic water in each nostril and allowing it to flow through the nasal passages you help the body’s elimination process.  If your sinuses are “packed” the acidic

These little bottles can be found at many health food stores.

water can  help release the “gunk” so you can get it out and feel better.  Stuffy noses that are caused by swollen and irritated membranes in the sinus and nasal passages can be “soothed” and the swelling relieved as well – the same way acidic water soothes burns and eliminates swelling from bites and stings.

While putting an acidic substance in your eyes sounds a little off, a couple of drops of acidic water in each eye will actually relieve irritation and watery eyes.  Again, just as acidic water soothes most skin irritation, it does the same for the eyes.  The acidity of the water has also successfully treated some eye infections by killing bacteria.

After bagging up leaves a couple of weekends ago, and ending up covered in yellow oak pollen, I found myself suffering with watery eyes, runny nose, nasal congestion and one of the worst headaches I’d had in awhile.  So I decided to see what the acidic water would do for me.

At first I felt “stinging” as the drops of acidic water worked their way throug.  After about 60 seconds with my head tilted back I sat up – and could feel the “gurgling” in my sinuses.  Then came a massive sneeze.  And out came all kinds of “stuff.”  With the pressure relieved, my headache began to ease as well.

I repeated this process again later that evening and then once again the next morning, although I had no symptoms by then.  Each time I had a nice “release” of “gunk” either through blowing my nose or drainage into my throat.  No more headache, no more runny or stuffy nose, no more watery eyes.

The leaves and “oak fuzzies” continue to fall and I’m doing my best to keep up with them in the yard but as soon as I’m through outside, I give myself an acidic nasal treatment, and repeat one more time before going to bed.  So far I’ve had no repeat of the stuffiness or runny nose or headache.

If you have a water ionizer, before you reach for any sort of medication to treat nasal allergy symptoms, try using acidic ionized water.  I’ve heard similar success stories from other people as well.  And unlike medications found or prescribed to treat these symptoms, acidic ionized water poses no risk of long-term problems or dependency.