Jupiter Retires Orion & Aquarius Models

Jupiter Retires Orion & Aquarius Models

Jupiter Science's Orion & Aquarius

Jupiter Science’s Orion & Aquarius

In February of 2013 all IonWays and Jupiter water ionizer products were re-branded as AlkaViva

Late last week IonLife announced to dealers that the company will be retiring the Jupiter Orion and Aquarius models.

From IonLife:  To make room for new water ionizers in October and in the next few months, we will be discontinuing the Orion and Aquarius.   The Orion and Aquarius water ionizers will therefore no longer be available for purchase after September 30th, 2010

Jupiter’s biggest sellers have been their Melody and Athena models, and the Delphi has been one of our top picks for under-counter models.  We have seen very little in the

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way of sales and inquiries with regard to the Orion and Aquarius models.

The company has been testing new products that we hope to see on the market very shortly.  In the meantime it makes good business sense to focus on models that are proven performers and sellers – and clear out the “old” to make way for new products.

All Jupiter Science water ionizers come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  For the first five years your Jupiter water ionizer is covered 100% for both parts and labor.  After the first five years the company stands behind the parts in their water ionizers for as long as you own them.  The customer is responsible for labor costs to repair or replace any parts with a cap of $150 per incident.

We look forward to seeing what Jupiter Science has in the works and will keep you updated here.  In the meantime if you would like to see the full line of Jupiter Science water ionizers sold through IonWays or IonLife, please visit our Jupiter Science store page.

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