Kangen Water Machines can Run all day non-stop

Kangen Water Machines can Run all day non-stop

Can Kangen Water Machines from Enagic run all day producing alkaline water?  According to many of Enagic representatives, yes it can!  It’s a popular selling point used by Kangen Water independent distributors when selling against other models.  “Enagic water ionizers can run all day if you want them to, without ever overheating or shutting down.”

But is it true?   We went to the source, Enagic USA, to determine the actual recommended run-time for their famous Kangen Alkaline Water Machines.

Reality Check

Before we get into what is fact and what is fiction, I think a little reality check on subject of running a water ionizer all day is in order.

If you are in a situation where you need to produce alkaline or acidic ionized water all day or at higher volumes for a significant portion of the day, you are in a different class of user than the average customer looking for a water ionizer for their home.  You should be considering a commercial water ionizer which is designed to produce larger volumes of water and operate for longer periods of time.  If you are interested in a commercial water ionizer, please contact me and I can discuss the options available based on your specific needs.

Fact or Fiction?

The fact is, you can run almost any water ionizer all day, non-stop – unless it has an automatic shut off safety mechanism.  Tyent is a good example.  If you leave the unit running for longer than 15 minutes it will assume that you have forgotten about it and automatically shut itself off.  You can turn it right back on again and continue running it again until the safety shut-off kicks in again.

The more important fact on this subject can be found on the technology pages at enagic.com – the main website for the company.  You can view the product technology page for any of their models.  Look under the “specifications” section when you get to each individual product page.  What you will find is this:  “Electrolysis Capability (continuous use) Approx. 30 min at normal room temperature.”  That’s straight from the folks at Enagic, the main company here in the US on their corporate site.

It’s the same for all kangen water machines in their water ionizer technology lineup.  Approximately 30 minutes of continuous use.  Even their commercial/industrial model, the Super SD501 has 30 minutes listed as the maximum recommended continuous use.

Reality of Daily Usage

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Water ionizers like those sold by Enagic, Tyent,  IonWays, KYK and other popular brands are designed for standard home use.  At most, the average user will rarely run their water ionizer for longer than one or two minutes at a time.  It takes less than a minute to fill a large glass with water.  Maybe a few minutes to fill a couple of containers to take to work or to share with a friend.

A few units have an automatic shut-off based on a timer – if the unit is left in operation for more than 15 minutes it will assume you have forgotten it was in use and shut itself down.  Typically these timers will have a shorter shut-off time at the higher settings.


I use the *heck* out of my water ionizer in the kitchen when preparing meals.  Often I have one bowl on the counter filling with alkaline water to remove dirt and pesticides from vegetables and another in the sink catching the acidic water for an anti-bacterial rinse after cleaning.  I was working in another area of the kitchen and had forgotten about the bowl filling on the counter until I heard the unit shut off.  I turned around to discover that it had shut off just a few ounces before water was about to start spilling over the side of the bowl and onto the counter and floor.

My father is example of why automatic shut-off mechanisms are good.  He is notorious for turning water on at the sink or ionizer then walking away for a second to grab something from another room – and then forgetting to come back for 30 minutes or an hour.  If not for the automatic shut off feature his water ionizer would be running the whole time he was distracted elsewhere.  I *wish* his kitchen faucet had the same kind of shut-off.

When a water ionizer shuts off automatically based on an internal timer, there is no need to wait to turn it back on.  It was shut off by a timer mechanism, not any sort of overheating sensor.  If it shuts off before you’ve finished filling your container, just turn it right back on.

Other Automatic Shut-off Mechanisms

Other units will have a heat sensors that will shut the unit down if it senses hot water running through the unit as a protective measure.  A few units do have “overheat” sensors as well which detect temperature levels around the electrical components.  If the sensor detects excess heat it will shut the unit down to prevent damage to the electrical components of the unit.

At least once a day I’m running one or two of my water ionizers for three to five minutes at a time.  In the kitchen I use ionized water – both alkaline and acidic – when preparing meals.  Filling pots for cooking, filling bowls for rinsing produce, etc is something I do on a daily basis.  In the bathroom I’ll have a unit running for up to 5 minutes at a time, at least twice a day for washing my face and brushing my teeth.

I’ve been doing this for over three years now – long-term use in the kitchen and bathroom.  I swap units out frequently.  So far, no unit has shut down due to overheating.  And they are all still working well and producing good quality alkaline and acidic water.