Kangen Water – New Enagic Water Ionizers

Kangen Water – New Enagic Water Ionizers

Kangen Water MachinesKangen water enthusiasts got a boost late last year with Enagic’s new water ionizer models, the SD501 Platinum and the SD501U, Enagic’s under-counter model.

After years of the same look on the company’s top-selling Leveluk SD501, the company released it’s updated version of the popular SD501 – the SD501 Platinum.

As “ionization over filtration” has become a more popular choice, the demand for fully functional under-counter water ionizer models has increased.  Enagic’s answer?  The SD501-U – A simple faucet with a wall-mount control panel giving users full access to all pH levels while the clunky water ionizer unit itself is tucked away under the sink.

Leveluk SD501 PlatinumEnagic SD501 Platinum

Enagic’s SD501 Platinum is basically the same as the original SD501 model as far as plate size, power, filtration and pH settings go.  The real change is in the look/design of the unit.

One of the “turn-offs” for many was the old SD501′s clunky white look with its brightly colored control panel.  While the unit itself performed well and most customers appreciated the color coded control panel, others were looking for something that didn’t stand out quite so much in their kitchens.

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The new “Platinum” model is slightly smaller, taking up a little less room on the counter, but the real change is the overall look of this model.  The white and black with colorful control panel has been replaced by a silver body and face and a lower profile look to the control panel.

The basic operation of the SD501 Platinum is the same with the same basic presets.  You still have a control panel screen that indicated the level of water you are producing along with voice guidance/confirmation.  It’s just that the whole shebang is in a much cleaner, pleasant design that doesn’t scream “Over here!  Look over here!” from your countertop.

Response to the new design has been positive and sales of the Platinum have been strong.  Over time I expect to see the old SD501 sales begin to diminish more significantly and perhaps one day be dropped altogether from the Enagic lineup.

Also, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least to see a couple of the other Enagic models make the change to the new “platinum” design at some point in the future.  This is a competitive industry and discriminating buyers – especially those with top-of-the-line Enagic-sized budgets – DO consider how a water ionizer is going to look in their kitchen.

Enagic has taken one giant leap towards satisfying more discriminating customers with their new Platinum design, taking pains to maintain the quality and performance customers expect from an SD501 model with an outer design that it is a better fit for modern kitchens.

Enagic SD501UEnagic SD501-U Under Counter

Speaking of how things look in the kitchen, we’ve seen a sharp increase in the number of inquiries about companies offering an under-counter model.  As the benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water has grown, “ionization” has become a an increasingly favorable alternative to simple “filtration” for consumers looking to improve the quality of the water they drink.

In the past, the downside to water ionizers has been the space-gobbling counter-top design.  No matter how good it looks, counter top real estate is valuable and newcomers to the water ionizer shopper pool are looking for something with a lower profile.  Enter the SD501-U.

Just like the Platinum model, the SD501-U, Enagic’s under-counter water ionizer, still uses the same basic internal parts.  Plate size, power, number of presets, filtration – all of these things remain the same.  The only real difference is the addition of the faucet and moving

Under Counter Component

the controls to a wall-mounted panel.  The faucet and wall-mount control panel allows SD501-U customers to have full control over the level of water they are producing while keeping the clunky ionization unit itself tucked neatly under the sink.

The faucet is a simple design which allows the user to allow water to turn the water flow off and on and features a dual spout for dispensing water at the desired setting while allowing for release of the by-product water – all from the same faucet.  Water is supplied through hoses connected to the unit below the counter.

The control panel mounts on a wall nearby with power and control cables running down to the unit below the counter.  SD501-U users can control the pH level of the water they produce without ever accessing the unit below the counter.  Every setting selection is controlled through the wall-mount panel.  The only time you need to access the unit below the sink is to add enhancer solution, change the filter or clean the unit.

Again, high-end users with modern kitchens looking for low-profile ionization options have been pleased with this latest addition to the Kangen Water Machine line-up.  Predictions for other under-counter Enagic models?  I don’t know – it could definitely boost sales of the company’s lower cost models however the technology involved in turning an counter-top water ionizer into a fully functional under-counter model might eat up the savings on step-down models like the DXII and JR.  I guess we’ll just have to wait & see on that.

Summary & Conclusions

Enagic has taken a great leap forward in design modifications and the market has responded well.  But these upgraded models will cost you.  Expect to pay an extra $300 for the SD501 Platinum and a full $1,000 over the price of the original SD501 model for your SD501U under counter.  As I said, the technology involved in turning a counter-top model into an under counter model while still offering full function control above the counter isn’t cheap.  If you shop around you’ll see that every company that has an under-counter model charges at least several hundred dollars more for the full-feature control faucet.

If you’d like to see the full specs on these new models and compare them to the original SD501, visit the Enagic page of our store.  You’ll find additional images of these models as well as dimensions and other specifications that might help you make your decision.

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