Kangen Water

Kangen Water

Kangen Water is a phrase that has been trademarked by Enagic, a multi- level marketing company. While “kangen water” is trademarked by Enagic and the company has done such a wonderful job of bringing awareness to the benefits of ionized water, there are some things consumers should know about “kangen water.”

The “kangen water” that comes from Enagic’s water ionizers or “kangen water machines” is actually “ionized water,” nothing more and nothing less. A “kangen water machine” is simply a water ionizer.water ionizer plates

All water ionizers, including Enagic or “kangen machines” are made up of platinum coated titanium plates with a filtration system that removes most chemicals and contaminants before they reach the electrolysis chamber. All water ionizers use an electrical charge, or the process of “electrolysis” to break the H2O molecule down into an acidic HO molecule and an alkaline OH molecule and allow you to capture either the alkaline or acid portion of the water, depending on your desired setting.

Please take a moment to see how Enagic’s Kangen Water machines stack up against other water ionizers in our product comparison charts. Enagic has informed us that we can no longer offer consumers their products on our site as long as we are offering other non-Enagic water ionizers. If you are interested in purchasing one of Enagic’s kangen water machines you will need to call as the company does not allow direct sales of their water ionizers through websites. Additional paperwork is required to process your order – when you call to place your order we will forward the necessary forms for you to complete and return so that we can process your order for a Kangen Water Machine as quickly as possible.

Enagic SD501

Enagic's SD501

You will find the Enagic products in our online store – we do this so that anyone interested in these products can get more information about them – and also so that customers shopping for water ionizers will be aware that they are available for sale. Again, to actually order an Enagic water ionizer you will need to call so that we can get the necessary paperwork to you for processing your order.

I own an Enagic SD501 myself and have no real complaints – besides the cost. It was necessary for me to purchase a unit to become a distributor. My distributor ID number is 719844.

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