KYK Acquires IonQuench

KYK Acquires IonQuench

On August 25, 2010 KYK successfully completed its acquisition of IonQuench. KYK-USA is now the exclusive North American distributor for the KYK line of water ionizers.

As part of the terms of acquisition, KYK-USA has agreed to honor all IonQuench warranties and continue to support the IonQuench products purchased through authorized IonQuench dealers. The KYK Genesis has been undergoing upgrades and has been re-introduced as the KYK Generation II or “Gen2.” The upgraded Gen2 retains all of the features that made the KYK Genesis the best selling water ionizer in 2009 but there have been a few improvements.

  • New case design: Silver/White (original red/white)
  • New power: 250 watts of calibrated power (original 150 watts)
  • New warranty: 7 years parts & labor (original 5-years parts & labor)
  • Upgraded filtration: no longer containing sulfites
  • Lower maintenance cost: Set of 2 filters now retails for $119 (original $139.90)

The KYK Generation II or “Gen2″ water ionizer will only be available through a limited number of authorized dealers. These dealers have been selected by KYK-USA for their experience and expertise with KYK water ionizer products. KYK USA is committed to providing quality products and quality service to ensure customers’ long-term satisfaction.

IonQuench customers will have no problems finding replacement filter, getting technical support or getting repairs under warranty. The internal components of the IonQuench were identical to those found in the original KYK Genesis. KYK is standing behind every IonQuench water ionizer purchased through authorized IonQuench dealers for the full length of the warranty through KYK-USA.

KYK-USA has made a commitment to provide IonQuench owners the same quality service and support expected and will carry all parts, accessories and maintenance items that IonQuench customers may need.

For more information about the new KYK Generation II water ionizer, please see our review of this product.

If you have questions about the IonQuench or the new KYK Generation II, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Water Ionizer Authority.