KYK Genesis Generation II REVIEW

KYK Genesis Generation II REVIEW

You’ve heard about it, you’ve looked for it, we’ve ALL been looking for it!  2009′s best selling water ionizer, the KYK Genesis.

Well, IT’S BACK…

KYK, the name you know, introduces the Generation II.  Everything customers loved about the original KYK Genesis with more power, longer warranty and a new silver/white design now offered through KYK USA.

The KYK Generation II or “Gen2″ water ionizer will only be available through a limited number of authorized dealers.  These dealers have been selected by KYK-USA for their experience and expertise with KYK water ionizer products.  KYK USA is committed to providing quality products and quality service to ensure customers’ long-term satisfaction.

Let’s take a look at the KYK Generation II

The Basics

On the surface the Gen2 features a silver “easy-clean” face and control panel and white casing.  The control panel is identical to the original KYK Genesis featuring:

KYK Generation II

  • 1 Alkaline button controlling 4 alkaline presets
  • 1 Acidic button controlling 4 acidic presets
  • 1 Purified button for dispensing filtered water for taking medications or when producing water to drink at or near mealtimes
  • “Mode” button which allows users to switch the display to show either pH or ORP levels
  • “Set” button that allows users to adjust the pH/ORP at each of the alkaline presets
  • “Clean” button so that users can manually run a cleaning cycle
  • On/Off button which starts/stops the the unit.

Each alkaline preset on the KYK Gen2 is adjustable allowing users to increase or decrease the amount of power going to the plates at each alkaline level for optimal ionization power based on your source water.

It’s your water ionizer, how do you want it?
Not only does the KYK Generation II water ionizer allow you to micro-adjust within the alkaline presets, it also gives you sound, source water, cleaning cycle and lighting options.

  • Increase the volume, decrease the volume or turn the voice announcements off all together.
  • Set the energy efficient LCD display to light up only when the unit is in use or set it to stay on all the time.  It uses less energy than most plug-in night lights.
  • Is your source water on the alkaline side?  Acidic?  Neutral?  There’s a setting for that – the Gen2 allows you to adjust for source water pH ranges from 6.5 to 8.0.
  • The Generation II water ionizer can even be programmed to shorten or extend the length of the manual cleaning cycles.

Safety Features & Ease of Use

I’m a big fan of water ionizers that have what I call “safe defaults” and just like the original KYK Genesis, the KYK Gen2 water ionizer protects you and your family by always defaulting back to a pH level that is considered safe for drinking.  While some water ionizers automatically default back to the pH selection made the last time the unit was used, each time you press the “on/off” button on your KYK Generation II water ionizer it will produce alkaline water at a level that is considered safe for drinking.  Whether your last selection was level 4 alkaline for making coffee or one of the acidic levels for cleaning or first aid use, the next time you go to the unit it’s going to produce water that is safe for drinking.

The LCD display gives you a lot of information about the status of your Gen2 – most important, the pH or ORP of the water you are producing.  Even if you don’t catch the numbers on the screen you WILL notice the color change at each pH level.  Corresponding to the pH color chart the KYK Generation II glows purple at the highest alkaline setting, red at the strongest acidic setting and shades of blue at the alkaline/acidic presets each of the other presets.

Between the large pH or ORP numbers that display, the changing display panel colors corresponding to your pH selection and the voice announcement you’ll always know the alkaline/acidic level of the water your KYK Gen2 is producing.

Water flow rate is monitored by internal sensors and the Generation II water ionizer will sound an alarm if it detects that the flow rate is too high or too low for proper ionization.  You Gen2′s remaining life  is always displayed when the unit is in use.

The image below shows all of the different functions that can be displayed on the control panel.  Don’t panic if it looks like too much information!  The unit will only display the information relevant to you at each use.  This image is an example of all of the visual guides the Gen 2 has to offer.

Premium Filtration

You can feel confident that the water produced by your KYK Gen2 will be clean and pure.  The KYK Generation II water ionizer features 2 multi-stage filters to effectively remove chlorine and other contaminants with a total of 11 filtration layers specifically designed to kill or remove bacteria.  The new KYK filters are now sulfite free.

The Gen2′s Smart Filtration system accurately monitors the filter life and contamination level through the use of electrodes.  Each filter has an electrode that connects to the KYK Generation II monitoring system to measure the number of liters left in the filter life and contaminant level.  If the Gen2 senses that your filters are no longer effective due to high levels of sediment or bacteria in your source water, the flow of water will be stopped and you will see and hear “check filter” warnings.

Warranty & Money Back Guaranty

The KYK Generation II water ionizer comes with a 7 year warranty covering parts and labor.  KYK-USA is confident that, once you try the KYK Gen2 water ionizer you’ll love it so the company is offering a 60-day money back guaranty.  Should you be unsatisfied with the Gen2 for any reason you can return it for a refund of your purchase price less the company’s 15% restocking fee.

Water Ionizer Authority has more KYK customers than any other and the return rate on the original KYK Genesis was very low.  We’re confident the same will hold true with the upgraded KYK Generation II model and expect to see the same high satisfaction rates from our KYK-USA customers.

Summary & Conclusions

Great water ionizer, great price – Last year the KYK Genesis was the best selling water ionizer here at Water Ionizer Authority and for many dealers across the country and in Canada.  With upgrades to the power system, new “sulfite free” filters, and the silver/white color design we expect the KYK Generation II to surpass the high sales level and satisfaction rate of the original KYK Genesis.


Now with a full 7 year warranty on parts and labor instead of 5 years, and 250 watts of power compared to the original KYK Genesis with 150 watts, we feel that, as customers compare water ionizers in this price range by plates, power and ease of use, – once again KYK will be a very popular choice.

Another improvement we’re really happy about is the long term maintenance cost of the KYK products.  Earlier KYK Genesis owners paid $140 plus shipping to replace both filters in the Genesis unit.  KYK-USA has made the cost of owning a quality KYK water ionizer even more affordable by offering the set of two filters for only $119 plus shipping.

The KYK Generation II retails for $1,795 and and Water Ionizer Authority offers special bonus pack savings at that price as well – but be sure to check for sales!  In the past KYK products could be found on sale at different times throughout the year.  I’m certain the same will be true for the KYK Gen2.

If you have questions about the KYK Generation II water ionizer, just give us a call.  We’re here to help!

Visit the KYK-USA Store Page for Special Packages & Product Details

©Romi Sink
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