Labor Day Weekend Water Ionizer Sale

Labor Day Weekend Water Ionizer Sale

Labor Day.  It marks the end of summer for most of us.  It also marks opportunities for savings for savvy shoppers.

Many water ionizer companies are offering special savings this Labor Day weekend.  Some sale prices are a continuation of existing sales, some prices are only good through Labor Day.

Here’s a rundown of special water ionizer pricing available this holiday weekend….

Watershed Wellness Center

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Watershed will be discounting all of their water ionizers up to 20%.  That means you can get their under-counter Odyssey model for less than the regular retail

price of their AQ700 counter top model.

The AQ300 from Watershed has been a popular choice for individuals looking for a good “travel” water ionizer.  Lightweight, not too large, low cost.  This weekend the cost is even lower – only $600.

Watershed’s sale prices will only be good through September 7th so if you’ve been waiting for better pricing your time to buy has come.

Chanson USA

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The Chanson Miracle MAX is available this weekend at a $200 discount.  The sleek new styling, on board mineral port and flow control are making this model an increasingly popular choice in the $2,000 price range.

Chanson’s VS70 under counter water ionizer is also available at a $200 discount.  This was the first under-counter water ionizer I purchased for my personal use and was my best

selling under counter water ionizer in 2010.

Chanson recommends their C3 Prefiltration System for use with their water ionizers.  This system is available at a discount when purchased with either their Miracle MAX or VS70 models.  You have the option to add the C3 Prefiltration System to your order from the Miracle MAX or VS70 shopping cart page so that the discount is applied.

Tyent USA

ALL Tyent models are on sale – this is a continuation of their existing sale and the company assures us that this sale will continue at least through Labor Day Weekend.

All Tyent water ionizers come with a $200 Bonus Pack included in the sale price.  You have a choice of “Bonus Packs” which include free replacement filters, cleaning cartridges and other accessory items.

Tyent’s TURBO 7070 Model is available for $1,995

Tyent’s 9090 TURBO Extreme Model is available for $2,395

Tyent’s 9000T Under Counter Extreme Model is available for $2,995.

I personally use the 9000T UCE (under counter extreme) model in my home and have been very pleased with it.  Availability of this model is limited so if you’re considering this product please don’t delay.

All Tyent TURBO models come with a lifetime warranty covering both parts and labor for as long as you own them and all models now have cleaning cartridges available which makes keeping the plates free from scale buildup easier.

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KYK’s G2 or “Generation II” water ionizer is also on sale this weekend.  KYK remains a very popular brand.

Regular retail price for the KYK G2 is $1,995 but it is available now for $1,495 (with single set of replacement filters) or $1,595 with enhanced Bonus Pack options at over $200 in additional savings.

I just sent my middle child off to college with a KYK G2 Ionizer.   The price was right, available cleaning cartridge will make it easy to maintain and it operates just like the original KYK Genesis he was using while living with his father.

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The Evontis Elite remains available at introductory sale pricing.  Regular $3,999 the most powerful non-commercial water ionizer available is now only $2,999 including Lifetime Warranty covering both parts and labor.

Evontis also has a “Healthy Home Pack” which includes the Evontis Elite water ionizer, triple-zone air purification system, two shower filters and several other “healthy home” products.  The Evontis Healthy Home Pack is a tremendous value – this is the package I purchased for myself.  So far I’ve been very happy with my Evontis Elite – and I can’t say enough about the air purification system.

Financing is available on the Evontis Elite water ionizer and Evontis Healthy Home Pack.  Links to financing options are available through the Evontis store pages.

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Got Questions?

If you would like more information or have questions about these products or companies that are not answered on the website, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’ll be available by e-mail throughout the holiday weekend – bear with me as I do have a family and plans with them.  But if you have questions or need additional information – again – please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I’ll be in and out of the office on Labor Day checking messages but e-mails often get to me before phone message notices.  While things do slip through the cracks with the volume of calls and e-mails I receive, I do my best to get back to everyone as quickly as possible.