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spilled ionized water

It’s the number one reason customers send water ionizers back to a company for repair – and it is 100% preventable.  The technicians I spoke with agreed that most issues they address at the repair facility are related to buildup inside the water ionizer.

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My objective is to provide the most accurate and truthful information possible.

There have been updates to both the LIFE website and the company’s BBB page.

What follows is the original post, edited and with some text removed, to reflect updates to Life Ionizers’ website and BBB information.

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The Revelation under counter water ionizer from Water for Life USA has been redesigned and renamed the Revelation 2.  In this article I’ll go over the redesign changes and offer an overview of the Revelation 2 under counter water ionizer.

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In February of 2013 IonWays and Jupiter water ionizer products were re-branded as AlkaViva

This week AlkaViva announced the newest water ionizer in their line of ionization products – The Vesta GL 9 plate water ionizer.   In addition to almost double the number of plates found in their previous top of the line models, the Vesta GL features several other upgrades for optimal performance. 

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One of the most common reasons people choose not to purchase a water ionizer is the upfront cost of buying a good quality product.

Recently, Tyent rolled out a lease program that lets consumers enjoy the benefits of ionized water without actually purchasing the unit.  Instead, customers make a monthly lease payment – from $99 to $135, depending on the unit they choose.

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Labor Day.  It marks the end of summer for most of us.  It also marks opportunities for savings for savvy shoppers.

Many water ionizer companies are offering special savings this Labor Day weekend.  Some sale prices are a continuation of existing sales, some prices are only good through Labor Day.

Here’s a rundown of special water ionizer pricing available this holiday weekend….

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A Few of My Meters

It’s been awhile since I posted my original article on ORP meters.  Since that time not a lot has changed.  I’ve spent more money on newer meters, replacement probes, solutions and materials for conditioning them and enhancing performance.  My position remains the same.  Buyer be aware of what you’re getting into.

Recently, one water ionizer company that had been offering these meters for sale to customers made the decision to stop selling ORP meters.  It was no surprise to me.  I was actually shocked when I first realized that they were offering them for sale.  Here’s why the company decided to STOP selling ORP meters – and why you won’t find water ionizer companies or dealers offering them for sale…

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Water Ionizer Authority now carries the full line of Evontis water ionizer and “healthy home” products.

Evontis has taken an holistic approach, offering a full line of products for the healthiest home and lifestyle possible.

Water ionizers, air purifiers, shower filters and more, here’s a brief rundown of the Evontis product line.

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Watershed has been one of the top three selling water ionizers here at Water Ionizer Authority.  Customers choose the Watershed line of alkaline water machines when they are looking for the best they can get for the lowest cost.

While the company is committed to keeping the cost of their water ionizers as affordable as possible, price increases and the manufacturing and import level have forced them to modify their retail prices. 

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 The Wait is Almost Over!

After numerous unforeseen delays, Tyent has announced that the UCE 9000T under counter model is scheduled to begin shipping to customers on April 11, 2011.

In an announcement to dealers earlier this week Tyent stated that the first shipment is scheduled to leave Korea on Friday, April 1 and arrive in US customs on Monday, April 4th.

The company has scheduled additional warehouse personnel to handle the large volume of pre-sale orders with the goal of having all pre-sale orders on their way to customers by  the end of the day on April 12th.

The tentative timetable is as follows:

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