LIFE Ionizers – Think Twice Before Buying

LIFE Ionizers – Think Twice Before Buying

My objective is to provide the most accurate and truthful information possible.

There have been updates to both the LIFE website and the company’s BBB page.

What follows is the original post, edited and with some text removed, to reflect updates to Life Ionizers’ website and BBB information.

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Complaints Against LIFE Ionizers

As of November 13, 2012 there have been 52 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau against Life Ionizers under their two primary business names – “Earth Trade Water aka Life Ionizers” and “Doctor’s Health Supply.” Of those complaints, 18 were filed in 2012 alone (16 against Earth Trade Water/Life Ionizers; 2 against Doctor’s Health Supply).

The most recent complaint was filed on November 8th – and we still have another month and a half left in 2012.

Most of the complaints are about the company’s failure to return calls related to any issue. The majority of the complaints that I read were related to LIFE Ionizer’s “60-day money back guaranty.” Customers purchased a water ionizer from the company believing they had the option to return the product within 60 days for a refund less a restocking fee and shipping charges. Instead, they were informed that their purchase did not qualify and therefore could not be returned.

So how does this happen?

As it turns out, any LIFE water ionizer products purchased at <text removed> wholesale pricing are not eligible for return. Also, if you finance your purchase – whether you pay full retail pricing or receive any sort of discount – you lose your right to the 60-day money back guaranty.

In the BBB complaints, customers claim that LIFE Ionizers representative they spoke with failed to inform them that their “special pricing” or their decision to choose the finance option makes their purchase ineligible for return. They also report difficulty getting a company representative to return phone calls and getting the “run around” – being passed from one person to the next without resolution.

Serious Enough for the BBB to Investigate

In February of 2012, the Better Business Bureau contacted the company regarding some of their advertising and health claims that their representatives were making. As a result, the company removed or modified the health claims in question. At some point Life Ionizers went back to using the same challenged claims and advertising that it had agreed to remove.

In September of 2012, the Better Business Bureau found these challenged claims being used again. This time, the BBB conducted an undercover shopping phone call. They received information, both during the phone call and in materials mailed to them by LIFE Ionizers, that included health claims that the BBB had been advised were no longer being used.

In October of 2012, in response to what the Better Business Bureau refers to as a “pattern of complaints,” LIFE Ionizers listed steps they have taken to address the issues. LIFE Ionizers claims that the company has been “completely restructured” and that the management team has been completely replaced. They also listed several additional steps they have taken to ensure customer complaints are handled properly and in a timely manner.

Why Two BBB Identities – By any Name They’re Still the Same

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Bottom line, by any name, they ARE the same company.,,

More Research on Ownership

“Whois” is a service that lets anyone find out who owns a website domain name and thus who has ultimate control over that website. The only exceptions are “by proxy” registrations – where the owner of a website wants to remain anonymous for any number of reasons.

When I did my “Whois” search for, and, I found that, although there were a few small differences, these sites appear to be owned by the same person. All list “Earthtrade” for the contact company name.

Don’t blink.

I’ve had my own dealings with this company in the past and I can tell you that as soon as they find a vulnerability in their online reputation, they “move the dots” making them more difficult to connect. Changing Whois domain registrant information only takes a few minutes and, no doubt, if this public association starts impacting their sales, they will either change the ownership/contact information or change the registration to “by proxy.” And that can happen in the blink of an eye.

A semi-savvy consumer can still connect the dots though. Water Ionizer Expert is the reason I stopped representing the LIFE Ionizers company. The website domain was originally registered by proxy with no actual owner/contact information provided. They do now have a BBB page listing the name of the owner/principal as Glenda Jean Leisk. But after learning how LIFE operates, I knew better…

All it took was a quick Google search for “Glenda Jean Leisk” (using quotation marks as shown) and this is what I found.

Conclusion and Recommendation

You will notice that I’ve made no reference to the quality or effectiveness of the water ionizers that LIFE Ionizers aka Doctor’s Health Supply aka Earth Trade Water sells.

I stopped representing the company years ago. After what they did to me as a dealer – someone with whom they had an ongoing relationship – I was left to wonder how they might treat retail consumers – people with whom they did not need to rely on for re-orders.

The list of complaints registered against the company with the Better Business Bureau certainly answered that question.

I do not recommend purchasing a LIFE water ionizer – whether direct from the company or from one of their few active dealers.

Should you ever have a problem with or question about your LIFE water ionizer, you’ll need to contact LIFE Ionizers directly – and that has been no small feat for consumers over the past few years.

And I’m not alone. Another former LIFE water ionizer dealer ended her relationship with the company abruptly – and with obvious prejudice – in July 2012. You can find her “Do Not Trust Life Ionizer Company” blog post in the list of links below.

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One final note: Now that Life Ionizers is no longer accredited by the BBB.  The OBB is NOT the Better Business Bureau. <edited, text removed>

Below are some of the links I used during my research for this article (original)

Better Business Bureau page for Earthtrade Water. You will want to scroll down and read the “Additional Complaint Information” and “Advertising Review” sections.

Better Business Bureau page for Doctor’s Health Supply

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Former Life Ionizer dealer’s blog post “Why I do not recomment Life Water Ionizers” (dealer has also updated her “Life Ionizer” posts based on new information)

Additional complaints I found posted on the internet:

Life Ionizer representative fails to advise customer that his sale was final – no return option.

Customer claims Life Ionizer representative does not give the option to purchase at full price so that he could return it.

Just in case something changes with the BBB pages in the future I submit these screen shots in support of statements made in this post:

BBB page for Earth Trade Water showing complaint history summary

BBB page for Earth Trade Water showing additional information about complaints

BBB page for Earth Trade Water showing Advertising Review comments

BBB page for Doctors Health Supply showing complaint summary