Chanson VS70 Review – Long Term Performance

Chanson VS70 Review – Long Term Performance

I’ve had my Chanson VS70 for almost four years now.  The true test of any water ionizer is how well it works years after purchase.  This is my long term performance Chanson VS70 Review.  The review covers maintenance, performance, what I like about my Chanson VS70 – and what I don’t.

Chanson VS70 Review – Performance

As far as performance goes, my Chanson VS70 still produces the same quality water today that it did when I first installed it in August of 2009.  I’m still very impressed with the strength of the acidic water it produces – as with all water ionizers I’ve tested so far, the strongest acidic water comes from the acidic drain outlet when the unit is set to the strongest alkaline setting.

Getting that prized 2.5 pH acidic water from my Chanson VS70 has never been a problem.  Results will always vary based on your source water but for me, the acidic capabilities of this unit were impressive when I first installed it – and almost 4 years later, they are still impressive.

The same is true with regard to the alkaline levels – still producing strong alkaline water with high negative ORP numbers, just like when it was brand new.

For long-term performance I have to give the Chanson VS70 high marks based on my personal use and experience with this model.

I recently spoke with Ronnie Ruiz, owner of Chanson USA, about the VS70 and here’s what he had to say…

I still have my first VS70.  My use at home is 10 filter changes in 5 years, meaning I’ve used 10 years worth of water in 5 years.  Still works great.  My other favorite Chanson product right now is the ozone machine.  I have found sooooo many uses for it at home…


The key to maintaining optimal long-term performance of anything is doing the recommended maintenance based on the manufacturer’s guidelines.  Basic maintenance for the Chanson VS70 includes replacing the internal filter and following the cleaning procedure.

Filter replacement, based on my use, was only about once a year.

Accessing the filter area was easy but the procedure itself was a little messy.  You will want to have a towel handy – and when you lift the filter out of the chamber, don’t rush. Chanson Filter Door Water left inside the filter chamber tends to come out as you’re lifting out the filter.  Have your towel handy, don’t rush it, and you’ll be just fine.

Chanson recommends cleaning their water ionizers at least once a year, more often if you’re in a hard water area.  If you are only performing the cleaning procedure once a year, it’s most convenient to do it at filter change time because you’ll be down there anyway.

The cleaning procedure involves removing the filter and filling the filter chamber area with a solution you make using citric acid crystals dissolved in warm distilled water.

You’ll need to remove all of the water left in the filter chamber before adding in the cleaning solution.  You can do this using a turkey baster to draw the water out or you can come up with your own method for doing this.

Once you add the citric acid solution to the filter chamber, close it up and run the unit at the purified/neutral setting for about a minute, then shut the machine down and let it soak for a couple of hours.  After the soak, run the unit at the purified/neutral setting for about 5 minutes to flush the solution out of the machine.

If you’re only cleaning once a year, it’s a good idea to repeat this process at least once.

After you’ve flushed the machine, put the filter back in (or put in your new filter), run another flush (about 5 minutes) to saturate the filter and flush out the loose carbon, and your machine is ready to use again.

Personally, I prefer using a cleaning cartridge – many companies now have them, others recommend a cleaning similar to Chanson’s – but those cleaning cartridges are one-time-use only.  At a cost of $55 – $60 per cleaning cartridge, your annual maintenance cost can add up.  Especially if you live in a hard water area that requires cleaning your machine twice a year or more.

The “do it yourself” method is budget-friendly.  The amount of citric acid crystals you’ll need for performing several cleanings won’t break the bank.


Wear on Faucet Finish

I have to admit that when I first got my Chanson VS70 I was surprised that the faucet was plastic – and concerned about how well the chrome finish would hold up over time.  Almost four years later it still looks as good as it did when I pulled it out of the packaging.

Because the faucet is at the sink, it’s going to get a few splashes from washing dishes or in-sink food prep.  When I finish at the sink, the last thing I do is wipe down the faucet with a damp cloth – usually the cloth I use to wipe up water that has splashed around the sink area.

As long as you don’t use harsh chemical cleaners or any type of abrasive to clean the faucet, it will maintain its “like new” look.  There’s really no need to use any type of soap or cleaner on the faucet.  Just a gentle wipe-down with a damp cloth will remove whatever may splash onto the faucet.  Follow that with a dry cloth and you’re good to go.


I can honestly say that I’m pleased with how well my Chanson VS70 has held up over time.  This water ionizer’s performance and appearance are still “good as new.”  Bear in mind that I have de-installed and re-installed this unit several times and used it in several locations and it’s still working and looking new.

The cost to maintain a Chanson VS70 is lower than average, even if you use the triple-bank prefiltration system that the company recommends.  Using the machine every day, my total annual cost to maintain this unit is under $200.  That includes the cost of replacing the internal filter, the triple-bank pre-filtration system and the cost of the citric acid crystals recommended for periodic cleaning.

While I do prefer an actual cleaning cartridge for removing long-term scale buildup, it’s just a personal convenience factor.  And I have to admit that the “do it yourself” alternative is much more budget-friendly and just as effective.

It’s only been about four years, but so far my Chanson VS70 is doing a good job withstanding the test of time.

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