Mercola’s Position on Ionized Water Corrected by Pollack

Mercola’s Position on Ionized Water Corrected by Pollack

Dr. Mercola stated that drinking alkaline ionized water was a “fad” that could potentially harm your health in his September 11, 2010 newsletter.  It was, and has remained, the source of many, many inquiries from people looking for the best option for drinking water.  Without research, without contacting anyone in the water ionizer industry that I could find (and I contacted every water ionizer company I work with), Dr. Mercola made the claim that “If You Fall for This ‘Water Fad’ – You Could Do Some Major Damage.”

In a recent interview with Dr. Gerald Pollack, Dr. Mercola was set straight about the potential benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water. 

Dr. Pollack is a professor of bioengineering at the University of Washington who has extensively studied water.  His “theory of water” has been called “ground-breaking” and “revolutionary.”  Neither Mercola nor Pollack held  back during the interview.

During the early parts of the interview, Dr. Pollack discusses the importance of water inside the cells and the importance of “ordering.”  He goes on to explain how we can create tissue healing by restructuring the water in our cells.

He goes on to state that even though there is debate on the subject, if a person is able to drink structured water it would be beneficial for one’s health.

I was so glad to see that Mercola did the “stand up” thing here by publishing the interview which seems to contract his earlier statements that drinking ionized water could be harmful at worst but was at the least “just a fad.”

Although there was no official retraction of the comments made in his September “water fad” newsletter, this interview goes a long way towards rebuilding the faith lost by many in Mercola’s ability to be reasonable and objective.  I’m sure that others in the water ionizer industry will be glad to see this one as well.

You also won’t find mention of “ionized water” specifically but rather “structured water.”  Anyone who is looking into water ionizers know has learned that ionized water *is* structured water.  If you’d like to see the full interview or read excerpts please click on the link below.

Dr. Mercola discusses “structured water” with Dr. Gerald Pollack.

And as always, if you have questions about alkaline ionized water or choosing the right water ionizer, feel free to contact me here at Water Ionizer Authority.