More Uses for Ionized Water

More Uses for Ionized Water

Are you getting the most out of your water ionizer?  We know the 9.5 water is great for drinking but most water ionizers produce water at many levels of alkalinity.

Here are a few uses for ionized water that you may not have considered -

Strong Alkaline Water (pH 11.5) is not safe for drinking. This type of water removes pesticides and impurities from veggies and fruits. If oil and strong alkaline water are combined, the water actually emulsifies the oil!   This makes this type of water ideal for:

  • Cleaning – It’s great for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, and more.
  • Sanitizing – It’s great for utensils, kitchen tops, etc.
  • Oil removal – Remove oily substances from hard to clean items such as the outdoor grill.
  • Cleaning vegetables and fruits – Clean your food of pesticides and fertilizer, which remain if cleaned with regular water.
  • Plants – Strong alkaline water is used to kill fungi and other plant diseases. This is especially noteworthy because agriculture workers do not have to wear any protective gear when applying strong alkaline water to plants.

Ionized Water (pH 8.0 – 9.5) is safe for drinking and makes your drinking water more flavored. Ionized water helps to balance your body’s pH level. With continued use, Ionized water helps to replenish your calcium levels and balances your body’s pH. It is ideal for:

  • Drinking – There is a lighter taste, no unpleasant odor, and a sweet flavor.
  • Food preparation – Removes the harsh taste and strong smell of foods such as onions and meats.
  • Rice – Produces very fluffy rice. “Coffee and tea”, you’ll enjoy a richer flavor than every before.
  • Soups and stews – The ingredients will have purer flavor, lessening the need for additional seasoning such as salt.
  • Plants – They thrive when watered with pure water.
  • Animals – Your animals will experience increased health and energy as well as decreased body odor.
  • Crafts – Pure water is perfect for dying cloths.
  • Colon cleansing – Pure water helps to remove accumulated waste when used with a colon cleansing unit.

Clean Water (pH 7.0) removes chloride, rust and cloudiness from your water, creating absolutely delicious water. It is great for:

  • Taking medication – Ionized clean water is quickly absorbed and helps your medication be assimilated quicker as well.
  • Baby food: Clean water is ideal when preparing baby formula.
  • With Meals – Alkaline ionized water should not be consumed at or near mealtime because it can interfere with the digestive process.  “Neutral” water is ideal for mealtimes.

Acidic Water (pH 6.0 – 4.0) is not safe for drinking. This weak acidic water is perfect to use for beauty reasons such as:

  • Face wash or toner – the acidic water has amazing astringent properties that help to tone and firm your skin.
  • Hair care – use acidic water instead of a conditioning rinse. It will reduce tangles and give your hair a healthy shine.
  • Bath water – acidic water will keep your tub free of rings while keeping your skin radiant.
  • Pet care – it gives your pet soft and shiny fur when you brush with it.
  • Rinse cycle – soaking your clothes in acidic water before the spin cycle will soften your apparel.
  • Cooking beans – they will cook to perfection in less time!
  • Washing veggies and fruits – your favorite veggies and fruits will maintain their vibrant colors.
  • Fried food – will come out crispy.
  • Frozen food – when you spray your food with acidic water prior to freezing, you’re ensuring that the flavor will not be lost when thawed.
  • Removing stains – leave your clothes to soak in acidic water for a full day.
  • Washing dishes – your glasses will come out sparkling clean.
  • Polishing – polish mirrors, windows and more for a high sheen.
  • Housecleaning – acidic water removes dirt from ceramic tiles, hardwood floors, and more without leaving a sticky mess behind.

Strong Acidic Water (pH 2.7) is not suitable for drinking but is perfect for other tasks. Strong acidic water has great disinfecting power and is often used by restaurants to prevent food poisoning. This water is the strongest disinfectant of its kind! It;s great for:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting – strong acidic water kills germs and bacteria, sanitizing your home in the most important places: the bathroom and kitchen. Strong acidic water was approved as a food product disinfectant in June 2002 in accordance with Food Hygiene Law.
  • Hygiene – use this water to disinfect your hands, toothbrush and more.
  • Skin ailments – strong acidic water improves many skin ailments such as Athlete’s Foot