New Chanson Miracle MAX Available to Ship 4/1/11

New Chanson Miracle MAX Available to Ship 4/1/11

Chanson Miracle MAXChanson USA announced today that their latest model, the Miracle M.A.X. will be available to ship on Friday, April 1st 2011.

The Miracle M.A.X has been available through a “pre-sale” event and Chanson just announced that they expect the first shipments to begin going out to customers this Friday.

Chanson USA’s Miracle M.A.X is the next generation of technology for the company with many features not found on the original Chanson Miracle.  The Miracle MAX also has a more modern design, appealing to more homeowners.

Although slightly larger than the original Chanson Miracle model, the Miracle MAX is still one of the smallest counter top water ionizers available today.

New features available on the Miracle MAX include an on-board mineral port, larger plate surface area, SMPS power and on-board flow control valve.  The new flow control valve offers customers the ability to install the unit by connecting directly to the cold water line below the sink WITHOUT the need for an external faucet or valve to stop/start production.

For more information about the new Chanson Miracle MAX or to order yours now, please visit the Miracle MAX store page.

You’ll find more detailed information about the product and additional images.

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