Noticeable Difference Drinking Alkaline Water

Noticeable Difference Drinking Alkaline Water

Sometimes water ionizer owners don’t fully appreciate the difference drinking alkaline ionized water makes until they’ve been without it for a few days.

This story is about a customer who, after updating their kitchen faucet, was unable to get alkaline ionized water for several days.  It wasn’t long before they realized just how big a difference drinking water from their ionizer had made in their day to day life.

Meet “Buc” – a family man in his late 40′s who had been drinking water from a KYK water ionizer.  The family’s KYK sits on the counter next to a collection of GoodLife bottles that they fill up and take with them when they go to work or school.

Everything was going fine.  The whole family loved the water.  “Buc” had noticed a difference in the way he felt.  After a few weeks on the water, feeling better became the

GoodLife stainless steel bottles help maintain the properties of ionized water.

norm and nobody in the family ever though much about the water they were now getting from their KYK instead of bottles by the case from the grocery store.

With the holiday season approaching the family decided to upgrade their kitchen faucet.  Their KYK was originally installed connecting directly to the cold water line under the sink so they didn’t anticipate any problems with the water ionizer.  Unfortunately, the new faucet affected the water flow through the T-dapter and this caused their water ionizer to work inconsistently.

This is a very busy family – like most, I guess – so they kept putting off calling about the problem.  It wasn’t long before “Buc” noticed his old problems returning.  Aches and pains in his joints, muscle soreness, excess fatigue after workouts, less energy during his workouts and his sleep was no longer as restful as it was when he was drinking alkaline ionized water every day.

The fix was quick and simple – a minor adjustment to the flow control lever on the T-dapter – and now the family is again enjoying alkaline ionized water every day.  Things are returning to the “improved norm” for “Buc,” and the family is once again filling up their GoodLife bottles to take with them to school, work or the family-owned gym.

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