ORP Meters: Why Few Water Ionizer Companies Sell Them

ORP Meters: Why Few Water Ionizer Companies Sell Them

It’s been awhile since I posted my original article on ORP meters.  Since that time not a lot has changed.  I’ve spent more money on newer meters, replacement probes, solutions and materials for conditioning them and enhancing performance.  My position remains the same.  Buyer be aware of what you’re getting into.

Recently, one water ionizer company that had been offering these meters for sale to customers made the decision to stop selling ORP meters.  It was no surprise to me.  I was actually shocked when I first realized that they were offering them for sale.  Here’s why the company decided to STOP selling ORP meters – and why you won’t find water ionizer companies or dealers offering them for sale…

A Few of My Meters

Catching up on reading newsletters from the water ionizer companies I represent, I came across an announcement from Ronnie Ruiz at Chanson USA.  Chanson had been selling the Pinpoint ORP meters from American Marine.  I actually bought a couple – one from Chanson and a couple more directly from American Marine.  The results were mixed.  One worked great out of the box, the other two were as disappointing as most every other ORP meter I had purchased.

In this newsletter, Ronnie was announcing that Chanson Water USA would no longer be selling ORP meters:

The ORP  meters have a high defect rate meaning one meter can measure negative out of the box and the next one wont.  We purchased a dozen extra probes to swap customers for this reason and we found that 50% of the probes were defective right out of the box.  The ONLY reason we sell these meters is because some of you need to demonstrate the negative ORP to non believers or some of you are dealers that need to demonstrate the negative ORP all the time.
For the Chanson testing center, we need accurate ORP readings that are consistent and the pinpoint ORP meters NEVER supplied this for us.  Our current ORP meter that we use for our in-house testing cost us over $3,000.00 and requires constant maintenance to keep running accurately, this is not a price range most of you would be interested in nor should you be, it is not necessary.

I have told customers over and over again – I have infinite confidence in my water ionizers but only hopeful optimism when it comes to ORP meters.

Water Ionizer Companies & Dealers Who Test

Water ionizer companies and dealers have multiple units – usually from several different companies – on hand for testing.  When we get a “bad reading” using an ORP meter we take that meter to another water ionizer unit – if possible from another company.  If we get another bad reading we can safely presume that the issue is with the ORP meter/probe.  More likely that the one meter/probe is inaccurate than two to four of our water ionizers from different companies are – all of a sudden – failing to produce decent negative ORP readings.

Ronnie Ruiz at Chanson with his collection of water ionizers - I have all but one of these myself and several others not pictured here.

From there we pull out our cleaning and conditioning solutions and other materials that we have learned – over the years and through countless experiences – will recondition the probe to give more accurate readings.   This usually takes 45 minutes to an hour of conditioning and testing and reconditioning and retesting before we are able to get what we know to be accurate readings.

The average consumer has one water ionizer, one ORP meter – possibly a spare probe, and a customer service number for the company that makes the ORP meter.  When they don’t get the ORP testing results they feel they should, they call the company that makes the probe and are assured that the meter/probe is in good working condition and that the problem must be with their water or water ionizer.

ORP Basics

The negative ORP in ionized water is a result of an electrical charge delivered to the water in the electrolysis chamber.  The charge is carried by the minerals found in the water supplied to the ionizer.  Like mini-magnets, these minerals receive the charge and hold them for a period of time. 

If your source water has the correct mineral balance, those minerals will hold the electrical charge.  The charge is NOT indefinite.  Remember rubbing your hand against the carpet to create a “charge” so that you could “shock” your friend with a touch of your finger?  Remember how you had to keep re-charging your hand by rubbing the carpet again?  As soon as the water leaves the electrolysis chamber it has left the source of the electrical charge.  The water must be stored properly to slow the loss of electrical charge – this is why drinking alkaline ionized water as soon as it is produced is recommended.

When it comes to the extreme negative ORP numbers you should know that once you go over a negative 350 ORP, you are reaching levels that the body is unable to process.  It’s like taking handfuls of vitamin C – your body can only absorb and process around 1,000mg at a time – everything else is eliminated from the body as waste.  The same holds true for drinking water with an ORP over -350.

Again, just like with vitamin C, to boost the beneficial effects it is best to take several doses throughout the day.  When stored in a container designed specifically for maintaining the properties of ionized water, the negative ORP will be maintained at respectable levels.  You can drink the water throughout the day giving your body a consistent supply of antioxidants.

Portable water ionizers are also available that can be used for travel, at the office – whenever you don’t have access to your home water ionizer.

PHandORP Portable from Evontis

These portable models will provide alkaline ionized water with a negative ORP so that you can continue your antioxidant water regimen throughout the day.  You just need to make sure there are sufficient minerals in the water you are using to allow proper performance of the portable water ionizer you choose.

Provided you have sufficient mineral content in your source water, and that you water ionizer is producing enough power to produce a difference in pH at the presets available on the machine, your water ionizer is also producing water with a negative ORP – giving you the antioxidant properties you want.


Hate the meters, not the water ionizers.  The water ionizers work just fine.  I’ve tested most of them from most of the companies – including the famous “Enagic Leveluk SD501.”  My water ionizers never fail me.  My meters – well, that’s a whole other frustrating and disappointing story.


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