People that Care

People that Care

First of all, purchasing a water filtration unit that costs more than $100 is always a little bit scary.  You don’t know which ones are the best, and some are so high tech that they are hard to use.  I did all my research on them and found that the IonQuench was the best purchase for me and my price range for what you get.

When I opened the box, I did not know how to connect it to my sink, so the first thing I sent Romi and email and she had me send pix of under my sink.  She also sent me an adapter, which was then really easy to set up after a quick trip to the hardware store.

Not only was Romi there for all my questions and needs, she took her personal time out to give me tips on using the filtration unit as well as what different things you can do with the acid water.  It really makes a consumer feel better knowing that there are actually real people out there that care about you and your needs, especially when making a purchase that big.
Thank you again Romi!  You truly have been delightful!  I appreciate you and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my ION QUENCH!
Los Angeles, CA

IonQuench was acquired by KYK-USA in August of 2010.  The product itself remains the same, based on the original KYK Genesis and KYK-USA offers the same 7-year warranty on parts and labor.  If you had been considering IonQuench we recommend KYK-USA’s Generation II.

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