Pets & Ionized Water

Pets & Ionized Water

You’ve got your water ionizer and you’re enjoying the benefits of this great “new” water.  Standing at the sink, tossing back yet another glass of alkaline ionized water you notice your dog or cat standing there next to you – looking up with that “where’s mine?” expression they always seem to have when you’re in the kitchen.

Is alkaline ionized water safe for pets? Of course it is – but there are a few things you should consider.

Meet Xiu-Xiu. She’s my (soon to be) eight-year-old Yorkshire Terrier. Her Holistic Veterinarian says she’s as healthy as a puppy. Our secret? Raw food and alkaline ionized water.

From her first day with me I taught Xiu-Xiu to bring me her bowl when it was time to eat. I take up her food bowl between meals or she’d be bringing it to me constantly throughout the day, banging it on the floor over and over again until I put something in it. Her water bowl I usually keep filled – and she doesn’t much bother with bringing that to me – she knows she’s just going to get water.

I only give her water at the lowest alkaline setting – around 8.0 to 8.5 pH.

Xiu-Xiu never used to bring me her water bowl when she emptied it – but she’s a very smart little dog. She now knows the sound of a water ionizer coming on. Imagine my surprise when I turned on the Jupiter Athena I have in my bathroom for my morning face wash and “clang, clang…” I looked down and there was Xiu-Xiu, asking for her ionized water.

Some people report that their dogs don’t seem to like the ionized water and will just let it sit in the bowl. Not Xiu-Xiu. She now turns her nose up at regular tap water and often even bottled water. She only wants the stuff that comes from a water ionizer.

If you plan to give your pet ionized water there are a couple of rules to follow.

First of all, be sure to start your pet on the lowest alkaline setting. And unless there is some specific health issue or you’re just coming back in after a long hard walk or run you don’t really need to take the water above 9.0.   As I said, I usually keep Xiu-Xiu at around 8.5pH at the highest. The only exception is if she’s had a particularly hard work out in the heat.

Next, NEVER give your pet alkaline ionized water with their meals. The higher pH in the water will neutralize the stomach acids necessary for breaking down the food so that the body can absorb the nutrients. I put down filtered/purified water from the ionizer about an hour before mealtimes or with her meal.

If your pet is on any type of medication, just like with us humans, you want to avoid letting them have alkaline ionized water within about an hour of the medication. The alkaline ionized water will speed any type of medication into their little bodies interfering with the intended absorption rate of the medication.

If your pet is on any sort of nutritional supplement, giving them alkaline ionized water with this should be okay. Again, the alkaline ionized water will help speed the nutrients into their system. You may find that you have to give them less as the absorption rate is improved because of the alkaline ionized water.

There other benefits your pet can enjoy from your water ionizer.

  • Cuts, scrapes, bites & sores: If your pet gets a cut or scrape, rinse it with acid water either from the acid drain hose with the unit set to the highest alkaline setting or using the strongest acid setting on your unit – whichever produces the strongest acid reading. The acid water will help stop the bleeding. It will also clean the area. Keep acid water in a spray bottle and spritz the area several times a day. You will find that the wound or bite heals much more quickly.
    Xiu-Xiu got some sort of mystery bite several weeks ago. I woke up one morning and found a red lump with a nasty yellow head on it. It was about the size of a medium-sized blueberry. Overnight she had chewed all of the hair off of the skin around the area. The lump was nasty and red and hard and there were red streaks starting to spread out from it. My first thought was to call the veterinarian – but I had just received my Tyent TURBO the day before.
    The Tyent TURBO was supposed to produce acid water at the 2.5 level so I thought I’d give that a try first. Indeed the unit did produce acid water at just below 2.5 (from the dispenser hose, not just the acid drain hose!). I saturated a washcloth with the acid water and held “Miss Frisky” down for about five minutes with the cloth on the area. Throughout the day I continued to spritz the area and held her down for another 5 minute compress in the evening, spritzing the area again before we went to bed.
    The next morning the red streaks were gone and the lump was about half the size it was the previous day. Sometime that second day the “head” burst so I upped the compresses to 3 times a day and spritzed her a little more often.
    By day 3 the lump was almost completely gone and the once open wound where the head had burst was significantly smaller. In 2 more days there was nothing left but a small scab. I continued to spritz for several more days but Xiu-Xiu was all better.
  • Skin irritation: Just as acid water helps humans suffering from eczema, rashes and other skin irritations, it can help soothe your pet as well. After a bath try pouring acid water over their coat and massage it in for a few seconds. You can treat spot areas with spritzes from a spray bottle throughout the day. The acid water will help keep their coat shiny, their skin healthy and less itchy, and you may find that it helps repel fleas.
  • Coat cleaning: Anyone with a long-haired pet knows the frustrations of keeping them clean. Fur around the face gets dragged through their food and water and dirt when they are sniffing the yard. And anyone with a “fuzzy butt” dog knows how unpleasant it can be when they suffer from a stomach upset.
    Every once in awhile a well-intentioned guest will feed Xiu-Xiu something that she really doesn’t need to eat. The next day or later that night, I’m the one paying for it. I’ve found that using alkaline water at the highest setting helps release “stuff” from her coat (whether around her face or at the other end).
    When you’re drawing that strong alkaline water you’ll want to be sure and catch the acid water that is being produced. Once I do her “spot clean” with the alkaline water I follow it with an acid rinse, spritz or wipe-down. This helps keep bacteria build-up to down, and especially for a raw backside, the acid water will be soothing and healing.

Do you have a pet that is sharing the benefits of your water ionizer? Do you have a story to tell? Visit our forum, login and tell your story. I’d love to hear from you. And pictures of you with your pets are ALWAYS welcome. Water Ionizer Authority is a “pet friendly” website!

If you have questions about ionized water and pets, e-mail me. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have!