Please can you list your first pick.

Please can you list your first pick.

Please can you list your first pick for $2,000.00 water ionizer, and your first pick for $1,000.00 unit.

My personal first choice in this price range is the KYK Generation 2.  It retails for $1,795 but is often on sale for around $1,600.  It has 4 alkaline and 4 acidic settings, is

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fully adjustable within the alkaline presets and has dual filtration.  It also has a slightly longer than industry standard warranty.  Industry standard warranty is 5 years parts & labor and the Generation II is fully covered bumper-to-bumper for 7 years.

Moving  in to the $2,000 price range I like Tyent’s TURBO 7070 Water Ionizer.  While it retails for a higher price of $2,695 you can sometimes find this model on sale for around $2,200.

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Tyent water ionizers are hands down the easiest to use, easiest to adjust and have the best industry in the water ionizer market right now.  Tyent products look great sitting on your counter, work great and have a high customer satisfaction record here at water ionizer authority.

Both of these products are dual filter with mesh plates and can be connected directly to the cold water line below the sink, freeing up your faucet.  The water ionizer itself will still sit on your countertop but instead of having a water supply hose running from your faucet to the unit, the water supply line can be connected directly to the cold water line below the sink so that the unit operates independent of your faucet – no faucet diverter or hosing to get in the way at the faucet.

Moving down to the $1,000 price range my first pick are the Watershed Products.  Good quality, affordable pricing and one of my first water ionizers, Watershed’s EC550

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has been a very popular choice for customers trying to stay in the $1,000 price range.  Watershed offers the industry standard 5-year warranty, but best of all – you can get good quality alkaline ionized water for under $1,000.

The Watershed EC550 retails for $925 but Watershed also has several water ionizers in the $650 – $1,500 price range.

Watershed also has an under-counter model – the water ionizer unit itself will sit under the counter with a faucet that mounts on your sink offering full control of the unit.  You can adjust the pH level of the water you want to produce and make adjustments from the faucet itself – you only need to go under the sink to change the filter.