Pleased with EC450

Pleased with EC450

Watershed is one of those product lines that I don’t typically get a lot of feedback on – doesn’t mean they aren’t good products – in fact, quite the contrary -  I actually have more “referral sales” on Watershed products than any other water ionizer I sell here.  But last week I *DID* get an e-mail from one of my recent Watershed customers.  The comments were brief but getting an e-mail from a Watershed customer is so rare that I wanted to share the comments here.

They purchased an EC450 and report that they are happy with their new water ionizer. 

Good Morning, Romi!

Thank you for the water ionizer that we received Monday.  So far we are really pleased with it!  Thank you for helping us and you were very pleasant to talk to and very helpful.  We will recommend the product, and you, to others.  Have a good day and may God bless you.
H&K S.

Watershed’s EC450 is one of these most affordable water ionizers available right now.  It’s small, effective and won’t break the bank.  You’ll have no trouble at all getting 9.5pH water for drinking and so far customers have been able to get acid water suitable for treating skin irritations, for use as mouthwash or treating minor cuts, scrapes & burns and also for light housekeeping.

If you’d like to take a closer look at Watershed’s line of water ionizers please visit the Watershed page of our store!

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