Product Comparison Charts

Product Comparison Charts

 Product Comparison Charts

Our product comparison charts show water ionizer products side by side based on the most important features.   Find the product you’re considering and see how it stacks up against others based on price, wattage, features, functions and more.


Plates and Power

Compare Plate Size & Power

Here you'll find all of the major water ionizer products listed by plate size, power, power system and plate design.
  • For regular daily use, SMPS units operate with greater energy efficiency
  • Which units have an automatic timed shut off
  • Slotted Mesh, Holed Mesh, Textured Mesh or Flat Plates?


Compare by Filtration

How many filters? How long will they last? How much will it cost me to replace the filters?
  • Compare water ionizers by filtration system.
  • This chart helps you get a grip on your expected cost of ownership giving by showing you the filter life, replacement filter costs
  • Easily determine which water ionizer units are single filter and which are dual filter

Settings & Adjustments

Compare Settings & Adjustments

Here you will find water ionizers compared by the number of settings available on each unit and the expected pH range you can expect from each.
  • Easily compare units based on setting and adjustment options
  • Some units have only pre-set buttons - others offer you the ability to adjust the levels within each of the pre-sets
  • Take a look and if you have questions just call us! We'll have answers

Cost & Warranty

Compare Cost & Warranty

All water ionizers come with a money-back-guaranty and a one to five year warranty.
  • This comparison chart breaks down the money-back-guaranty period for each unit, restocking charges should you decide to return a unit and also the length of the warranty
  • Money-back-guaranty periods range from three days to 60 and restocking fees run from eight to 15 percent
  • Before you buy it's good to know how much time you have to "love it or return it" and the restocking fees for each should you decide the water ionizer you bought isn't  right  for you