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I’ve had my Chanson VS70 for almost four years now.  The true test of any water ionizer is how well it works years after purchase.  This is my long term performance Chanson VS70 Review.  The review covers maintenance, performance, what I like about my Chanson VS70 – and what I don’t.

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The sad fact is that once a water ionizer company reaches the point where it begins hampering sales of “Kangen Water Machines” it becomes fodder for misinformation and skewed truths.  Congratulations, Chanson USA – your success has sparked the rumor that Dr. Robert O. Young “endorses” your products because you pay him to only sell Chanson water ionizers.

To set the record straight on this rumor I reached out to Dr. Young to ask about his compensation arrangement with Chanson USA.  Here’s what I found….

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This is a new spin on an old rumor but it remains just that – A RUMOR.

As the story goes, someone was treated for titanium poisoning – typically found in the jaw area – and it was traced back to their use of a Chanson (or other) water ionizer.  Before you buy into the latest version of the “if you don’t buy an Enagic water ionizer you could end up with titanium poisoning you should read this article.

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Chanson VS70

Chanson VS70 customer review.  He’s had his Chanson under counter water ionizer for over a year now and has been promising to send a review since the first week he got it.  He’s a single father so I appreciate the time he took to send his comments, no matter how long it took!

Here’s what he had to say about his experience with the Chanson VS70.

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My Chanson Miracle MAX is installed and running.  After spending some time with this latest alkaline water ionizer I’m ready to write my user review on the Chanson Miracle MAXt.

The Miracle MAX water ionizer has a number of upgrades over Chanson’s original Miracle model water ionizer.  There are a lot of little things to like about the new design and the basic function of the Miracle MAX and a few things you should know about the product.  This water ionizer user review will shed more light on what you can expect from this model.

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Chanson Miracle MAXChanson USA announced today that their latest model, the Miracle M.A.X. will be available to ship on Friday, April 1st 2011.

The Miracle M.A.X has been available through a “pre-sale” event and Chanson just announced that they expect the first shipments to begin going out to customers this Friday.

Chanson USA’s Miracle M.A.X is the next generation of technology for the company with many features not found on the original Chanson Miracle.  The Miracle MAX also has a more modern design, appealing to more homeowners.

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Chanson’s water ionizers have an automated cleaning cycle triggered by an internal sensor, however the company recommends customers manually clean their units at least once every 12 months.  This routine maintenance will ensure the long-term effectiveness of your Chanson water ionizer.

While the company recommends going through the cleaning procedure at least once a year, testing your water ionizer every four to six weeks will let you know if you need to go through the process more often.

This article details the cleaning process recommended by Chanson.

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Chanson G2 Faucet

Out of the blue, I’ve received a number of calls this week from counter top water ionizer customers looking for an alternative to the faucet adapter installation.  While many water ionizers can be connected directly to the cold water line under the sink with no problems, other water ionizers need a valve to stop and start the water supply.

The solution I’ve been sharing with everyone this week: Chanson’s G2 Faucet.

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G2 Faucet Installation GuideThis guide illustrates installation of your counter top water ionizer using Chanson’s G2 Faucet.  The G2 Faucet eliminates the need for a faucet adapter and a waste water hose draining into your sink.

The G2 Faucet can be used with any counter top water ionizer and is ideal for those who with more modern kitchen faucets or faucets that have a pull-out sprayer rather than a standard tap.  No faucet adapter means no hose running from your faucet, across the back of your sink and to your water ionizer.  Your water ionizer will be protected against anyone accidentally running hot water through your ionizer.

Your water ionizer will still sit on the counter but water is supplied to the unit through connection to the G2 Faucet instead of the traditional faucet adapter.  The drain hose is replaced by the spout on the G2 Faucet – your drain hose now connects to the G2 Faucet and waste water is eliminated through the spout.

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It’s a Miracle!

Chanson USA’s Miracle water ionizer is the smallest counter top water ionizer on the market today – but don’t let the size fool you.  This is a 7-plate 150watt workhorse capable of producing water at pH ranges from 11.0 to 2.5 and comes with a Lifetime warranty on parts.

Small Size, Serious Performance

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