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under counter water ionizer installation

The basic under counter water ionizer installation process is the same  is the same for all brands and models.  The connection ports and hoses on each under counter water ionizer will be slightly different for each model but the basic under counter water ionizer installation process is the same:

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Tyent 9000T Under Counter Water Ionizer

In this Tyent 9000T review I’ll go over how well this under counter water ionizer has withstood the test of time.  I bought one of the first Tyent 9000T under counter water ionizers available from the first shipment that hit the US.  This Tyent 9000T review will also cover use, maintenance, what I like about this model and maintenance cost.

The Tyent 9000T under counter water ionizer was announced in late 2009 with customer deliveries beginning in early 2010.  Pre-sales for this model were through the roof – I was one of the first – delivery was late, but customers agreed that it was worth the wait.

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One of the most common reasons people choose not to purchase a water ionizer is the upfront cost of buying a good quality product.

Recently, Tyent rolled out a lease program that lets consumers enjoy the benefits of ionized water without actually purchasing the unit.  Instead, customers make a monthly lease payment – from $99 to $135, depending on the unit they choose.

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Tyent water ionizer customer reviews his experience with Water Ionizer Authority – and his Tyent 7070 TURBO.  He included his basic source water information and the results of his personal testing with pH and ORP meters.

Very thorough review from a very satisfied customer….

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All Tyent Products & Packages


For a limited time only we are offering FREE MODEL UPGRADE on all Tyent Countertop Water Ionizers.

Just check the “Yes!  Upgrade me for FREE” box on the store page and your order will be upgraded to the next model up.

This sale represents some of the biggest savings on Tyent products we’ve seen – here are the details….

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 The Wait is Almost Over!

After numerous unforeseen delays, Tyent has announced that the UCE 9000T under counter model is scheduled to begin shipping to customers on April 11, 2011.

In an announcement to dealers earlier this week Tyent stated that the first shipment is scheduled to leave Korea on Friday, April 1 and arrive in US customs on Monday, April 4th.

The company has scheduled additional warehouse personnel to handle the large volume of pre-sale orders with the goal of having all pre-sale orders on their way to customers by  the end of the day on April 12th.

The tentative timetable is as follows:

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This is one of the most informative “testimonials” I’ve received from a customer.

“Joji” and his wife share their story about how they ultimately decided on a Tyent water ionizer – from learning about alkaline water, to their research into water ionizer products as well as their experience with their Tyent MMP-7070. 

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This is from one of my Tyent customers who was faced with the possibility of starting a prescription medication therapy to relieve high blood pressure.

She was fortunate to have a physician who was open to letter her try to correct her blood pressure naturally rather than insisting that she immediately begin treating it with prescription medication.

Here’s Joyce’s Story….

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Helen is a preschool teacher in New Jersey.

While her initial interest in water ionizers was related to her ongoing efforts to maintain her health in a safe and natural way, she found an added benefit after several months – and “sniffly” preschoolers later.

Helen had a lot of questions before deciding that a water ionizer was right for her – and then deciding which water ionizer might best suit her needs.  Eventually she decided on Tyent’s 7070 model – I recently heard back from her, here’s what she had to say….

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Tyent just announced the release of their 9000T Under Counter Water Ionizer.

After years of research, development and testing the company is confident that the Tyent 9000T under counter model will meet the exacting standards expected from products bearing the Tyent name.

Two of the most-asked questions I get about water ionizer products are “Does Tyent have an under-counter model?” and “When is Tyent coming out with an under-counter model?”  Well, it’s here – and here’s what we know about the Tyent 9000T under counter water ionizer so far….

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