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The Revelation under counter water ionizer from Water for Life USA has been redesigned and renamed the Revelation 2.  In this article I’ll go over the redesign changes and offer an overview of the Revelation 2 under counter water ionizer.

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Revelation Under-Counter Water Ionizer

Water for Life USA has just announced the release of their latest water ionizer, the Revelation Under-Counter water ionizer.

The Revelation water ionizer has a quadruple filtration system, 9 plates and operates on 300 watts of SMPS power. The pre-filtration system is customizable to address the most common source water issues at no additional charge.

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Power, Performance & Just Plain Pretty


The KYK Genesis is no longer available. This model has been replaced by the Genesis Platinum. It is the same water ionizer, same internal components, operations, functions, features only the Genesis Platinum unit comes directly from EOS, the source parts manufacturer for the Genesis which was assembled by KYK using EOS parts and design. The Genesis Platinum has a new look with silver face and 4 one-touch alkaline pre-sets.

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