Reality Check: Water Ionizers "Burning Out"

Reality Check: Water Ionizers "Burning Out"

Reality Check:  Units Burning Out

Among other things, one concern expressed by customers is that they don’t want a unit that will “burn out”  or “burn up” from overheating or overuse.  While this is a risk with ANY electrical appliance there are some things you should know about water ionizers and the risk of “burn out.”

For the average water ionizer user there is no risk.  The average person will be using their water ionizer to pour one glass of water at a time.  Ionized water is most potent when it is freshly poured it and is always recommended to drink the water within a short period of time after it has been poured.

The ideal water flow rate for any water ionizer is between 2 and 3 liters per minute.  With 1 liter being the equivalent of just under 34 ounces this means you’ll have your water ionizer on for less than a minute filling up a 20 ounce glass.  This time includes the few seconds you allow the water to flow as the unit “powers up” to desired alkaline setting.

I have filled containers as large as 3 gallons with ionized water with my unit at the highest setting.  This was for marinating turkeys over the holidays.  Some people may fill 1 gallon jugs for friends and family members or to give away to promote their own water ionizer affiliate or network marketing business.  This type of use is expected and so far I have had no reports from my customers about issues of overheating on any unit.

Tyent water ionizers have a 15-minute “auto shut-off” feature where, after 15 minutes of use, the water ionizer shuts off.    The automatic shut off on their TURBO model is set for 5 minutes.  If you’ve got your flow rate set at 2 liters per minute you’re going to get just over 2.5 gallons of water from your Tyent TURBO before the unit shuts itself off.  You can continue using the unit by turning it back on immediately.

Unless you are pouring glasses of water for a large group of people it’s doubtful that you will have your water ionizer on for more than 5 minutes at a time.  And if you are serving alkaline ionized water to a large group of people, chance are that most of them are not drinking the water on a regular basis.  This means that you’ll be dispensing water at the lowest alkaline setting for these guests… which means less work for the unit… which even further reduces the risk of “water ionizer burn-out.”

If you do have concerns about filling large containers you can always increase the water flow rate – this will fill containers faster – but it will also produce water that is not as strong as water produced at the lower flow rates.  Again, if you are filling these large containers for other people they should be drinking water at a lower pH so this “milder” version of the water is actually what is recommended.

If you are filling large containers for the same people over and over again… put a “replacement filter funds” jar by your water ionizer and invite them to contribute.  On average, customers will spend around $130 a year on replacement filters – that’s on average – and those are customers that don’t do a lot of “sharing.”

My last “if” – IF you are going to be bottling alkaline ionized water to sell or plan to be running your unit for longer than 5 minutes at a time on a regular basis – or running 5 minutes at a time over and over and over again each day, please call me before you make your final decision.  There are things you need to know about bottling/selling water.  Once you understand  the realities of this type of venture we’ll figure out just which water ionizer is going to be best for that type of extended and repeated use.