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· Standard Countertop Faucet Adapter Installation
· Countertop Unit To Cold Water Line Below the Sink (no faucet adapter)
· Countertop Unit to G2-Faucet (Unit on counter, no faucet adapter)
· Countertop Unit Converted to Under-Counter Unit
· Under-Counter/Faucet Style Installation

· Tips for Testing
· pH & ORP Meters – What You Need to Know


· I just installed my water ionizer and something’s obviously not right.
· Installation was a success, everything was great but now…
· The thing was working great and now all of a sudden it’s….

  Source Water & Pre-Filtration

· Got hard water? Soft water? Well water? I don’t know WHAT kind of water I have!
· The most common reasons people choose to pre-filter.
· Filtration recommendations for common source water issues.

  Uses for Ionized Water

· The Basics – Most Common Uses
· Ionized Water for Skin & Hair
· Pets & Ionized Water
· Many More Ways to Use Ionized Water


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