Revelation Under Counter Water Ionizer Now Revelation 2

Revelation Under Counter Water Ionizer Now Revelation 2

The Revelation under counter water ionizer from Water for Life USA has been redesigned and renamed the Revelation 2.  In this article I’ll go over the redesign changes and offer an overview of the Revelation 2 under counter water ionizer. The original Revelation was a good water ionizer and won a lot of points with consumers for price and performance.  The only drawbacks were the large base required to house the four filter tubes and a slower flow rate that happens when water tries to make its way through four slim filter tubes and up to the dispenser faucet.

Redesign in a Nutshell – Size & Convenience

The redesigned Revelation 2 water ionizer has all of the power, performance and convenience of the original Revelation under counter water ionizer – the redesign is in the base that sits under the counter.

Instead of the original large base, the redesign uses the original “Genesis” dual filtration system which significantly reduced the amount of space used under the sink.  The “new” filtration system is the same 16-state sulfite-free filtration system found in the Genesis Platinum and Genesis Platinum 9-plate models.

Maintenance is easier – Revelation 2 owners only have to change one filter at a time.  With the older system there were two filters that needed to be replaced at 4,000 and 8,000 liter intervals.

Another long-term benefit of the Revelation 2 redesign is manual cleaning.  Not only does this model use the same filters as the counter top Genesis models but now it can also use the EOS citric acid cleaning cartridges.  Using a cleaning cartridge once every 12 – 18 months removes excess scale buildup from inside the electrolysis chamber.

EVERY water ionizer – regardless of the automated cleaning cycle – will have scale buildup over time.   At this point, every major water ionizer company has a recommended cleaning protocol to supplement the automated cleaning cycle to prevent loss of performance due to excess  scale buildup.  Only a few companies offer cleaning cartridges which make this supplemental cleaning easier.  Now the Revelation 2 allows user’s to easily protect their investment and maintain the performance of their under-counter water ionizer with an easy-to-use cleaning cartridge.

Revelation 2 Overview

For those not familiar with the Revelation 2 under counter water ionizer, this is a 9-plate water ionizer with a dual filtration system operating at a maximum of 325 watts of SMPS power.  The electrodes are titanium with platinum coating with EOS patented slotted plate design.

The faucet offers users 4 levels of alkaline water, 4 levels of acidic water and a “neutral” or “purified” setting for producing water suitable for drinking at or near mealtimes or when taking prescription medications.

The alkaline presets are adjustable.  This allows the user to adjust the amount of power used during ionization to produce the ideal ph level at each preset.  If level 1 alkaline is too strong, you can adjust the power down.  If it’s not strong enough you can adjust the setting so that it uses more power to produce stronger water at that preset.

A small LCD screen on the faucet provides users with information about the system – filter life, flow rate, level of water selected.  pH levels are indicated on screen with both readout and color indicators.

All system functions are electronically monitored and if there is a problem with the system the error code will display on the screen.

Automated cleaning is sensor-based.  This means the cleaning cycle will only run when the system detects a need which saves the user both time and water.  Running a cleaning cartridge once ever 12 – 18 months is still recommended to maintain optimal long-term performance.

The Revelation 2 under counter water ionizer comes with a 5-year warranty covering both parts and labor and a lifetime warranty on the electrodes.  Water for Life USA offers users a 60-day money back guaranty.  If you don’t love it you can return it for a refund less the industry standard 15% restocking fee.

At $2,195 the Revelation 2 is priced to sell.  If you’d like to check for current sale pricing or additional package offers available on this model, please visit the Water for Life USA store page.