Rumor of the Week: Ray Kurzweil Reviews/Recommends Ionizer Brands

Rumor of the Week: Ray Kurzweil Reviews/Recommends Ionizer Brands

Okay – so admittedly I don’t do these on a weekly basis.  There’s just something about the propagating negativity that I find distasteful – at some point I’ll probably change this category to “Fact or Fiction” or something like that.

All that aside, there is something that has been rearing its head again recently that I felt the needed clarification/debunking.  Ray Kurzweil is arguably one of the most tireless scientists, researchers, writers, inventors of our time.  His honors, inventions, accolades and publications are too numerous to mention – and perhaps even keep up with.  What hasn’t this man done?

Well, from my research he hasn’t reviewed water ionizers.  Nor has he come out with an open endorsement of any one water ionizer company, brand, make or model…Despite the fact that no evidence can be found that Kurzweil has reviewed water ionizers or chose to endorse any one brand, representatives from one water ionizer company in particular are misleading potential customers into believing that he has in fact endorsed their water ionizers.  I’ve seen one website in particular with “Ray Kurzweil Q&A” in red at the top and the content below goes into reams of misinformation about other water ionizer brands.

If you take just a moment to look you’ll understand that the “Ray Kurzweil Q&A” text is actually a link to an interview with Kurzweil discussing the benefits of alkaline water.  Yet in e-mails sent to people they don’t include a link to the Q&A – instead the e-mails will say something like “Ray Kurzweil is highly respected – this is what he has to say about the different water ionizers.  The link included goes to a page with inaccurate information about multiple water ionizers with “Ray Kurzweil Q&A” in red at the top.

You can find this same Q&A interview all over the internet referenced by multiple water ionizer companies because it does promote and explain the benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water.  What you won’t find on the internet is Kurzweil offering reviews of different water ionizers or endorsing any one brand.  Still, one water ionizer company out there seems to be taking no steps to prevent their representatives from misleading their prospects to believe otherwise.

Before buying into claims made by a representative of any water ionizer company that seem to contradict other information that’s out there, go to that company’s MAIN WEBSITE.  The company’s main website will have the most accurate information about their products, will proudly mention prominent people or companies endorsing their products as well as honest and accurate claims about the benefits of their products.

There are many independent distributors out there creating their own information/misinformation about both the products they represent and products offered by competing products.  Some may have been mislead by overzealous and irresponsible sponsors, others may not be so innocent.  The bottom line – if you want to get the facts about those products and that company – without spin or hype, find the parent company’s official website.

I’ve seen some crazy, outrageous and just downright bizarre claims made by independent representatives over the years.  And I’ve spent hours researching to verify or “debunk” those claims.  If you’ve seen or heard a “too amazing to be true” fact about a water ionizer or water ionizer company, let me know – I’ll do the research and provide the proof (or lack thereof) so that you can base your decision on FACTS – not hype or just downright misinformation.

And remember – always look for “about” or “contact” information.  If someone doesn’t want to put their name on the information they are publishing or want to conceal ownership of the website, ask yourself “why?”