Rumor of the Week: Tyent’s Plates are Sprayed…

Rumor of the Week: Tyent’s Plates are Sprayed…

Rumor of the WeekI got my “rumor of the week” early this week.  Every week I hear some new rumor circulating about one water ionizer company or another.  I jokingly refer to these things as “rumors of the week” or “poop de jour.”  So I decided to start a blog series to address these rumors, myths and just downright falsehoods.

This week it’s an e-mail from a concerned customer.  They purchased a Tyent 7070 about 10 days ago from another company.   The Enagic representative who likely got them interested in ionized water told them that the plates in other water ionizers were “sprayed” with titanium and the cut into pieces.  Real or rumor????

The Tyent 7070 uses plates manufactured by the same company that manufactures the plates used in the Enagic water ionizers.  The method used to apply the platinum to Tyent’s plates is the “dip and bake” method – where the titanium is dipped in platinum, baked, then dipped and baked again.  Just like the plates in the Enagic water ionizers.

They were also told that the platinum was applied to the plates and then the plates were cut which left titanium exposed.  Again, not true.  Not true for any company that I am aware of.  The texture is cut into the plates BEFORE the platinum coating is applied for complete coverage.

They were told that Titanium is toxic.  If this were true I would hope modern medicine wouldn’t be using it so often for medical and dental implants.  While I am no fan of traditional western medicine, I don’t think they’d be replacing parts in our bodies with titanium were it toxic.

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about Titanium:


“Because it is biocompatible (non-toxic and is not rejected by the body), titanium is used in a gamut of medical applications including surgical implements and implants, such as hip balls and sockets (joint replacement) that can stay in place for up to 20 years.[28] Titanium has the inherent property to osseointegrate, enabling use in dental implants that can remain in place for over 30 years.[28] This property is also useful for orthopedic implant applications.”

And from Lenntech’s Periodic Table:

“There is no known biological role for titanium. There is a detectable amount of titanium in the human body and it has been hestimated that we take in about 0.8 mg/day, but most passes through us without being adsorbed. It is not a poisoun metal and the human body can tolerate titanium in large doses.

Water ionizers have been on the market for many years now and a lot had been learned about the potential hazards from “going cheap” on the manufacturing of these units.  For this reason you will find either food or medical grade plates in water ionizers today.

The Enagic representative also told these customers that the quality of the plates used in the Enagic units was the reason the cost was so much higher.  Again, I have to say not true.  If you want to know where the bulk of the cost of an Enagic water ionizer goes then do a Google search for “Enagic Compensation Plan.”

As far as “sprayed plates,” to my knowledge the only company in the industry that sprays their plates  is the company that manufactures the Jupiter products.  But don’t let that scare you.  This is an advanced method of spraying that is used.  The plates are sprayed, then the titanium baked on, then another layer is sprayed on and again baked to ensure proper adhesion.

Don’t let “hearsay” scare you out of a perfectly good (or affordable) water ionizer purchase.

As far as the Enagic representative involved, it’s difficult for me to fault a representative in a multi-level marketing company.  Their information comes from their upline who gets their information from their upline who gets their information from their upline.  Occasionally they will all get together and exchange stories and tips they they got from their uplines but RARELY does an independent distributor get to ask a question of a principle of the company.

I represent all of the major brands and am in contact with the owner of each company – or work directly with their sales and distribution manager.  The only exception to that is with the multi-level marketing products that I represent.  There I have to rely on MY upline for information.

If you still have concerns about the plates in a water ionizer that you are thinking about purchasing, please contact me by e-mail or phone.  I am happy to tell you what I have learned about the company you are considering.  And if you have questions I can’t answer I’ll do my own research and get back to you with the most accurate answer possible.

This week’s rumor about Tyen’t plates being sprayed… BUSTED…