Should I Pre-Filter?

Should I Pre-Filter?

Pre-filtration systemWhile most people choose not to use a pre-filter with their water ionizer, adding a pre-filtration system does have its advantages.  The most common reasons for pre-filtration options for water ionizers are Fluoride removal and improved taste, but there are other benefits to pre-filtration…

The most common reason people choose a pre-filtration system for their water ionizers is the growing concern about the Fluoride added by many  municipal water systems.  While many water ionizers will remove a portion of the fluoride, special filtration media is required for significant fluoride removal.

Another reason water ionizer customers opt for a pre-filtration system is to improve the taste of their water.  Hydrogen sulfide forms when inorganic materials break down in water.  Commonly (and mistakenly) referred to as “sulfur” in water, it can create an unpleasant odor and/or taste in water.  Customers in areas with higher hydrogen sulfide content in their water sometimes detect this odor and/or taste in the water once it passes through their water ionizer.

Even if you don’t have issues with fluoride or odor or taste in your source water, a pre-filtration system can extend the life and performance of your water ionizer.  By pre-filtering for sediment, particulates, fluoride and VOC’s, you have less “stuff” running through you water ionizer.  This improves the performance of the units filters, reduces build-up on the plates that occur over time and can extend the lifetime of your water ionizer investment.

For those on city water I recommend the C3 Pre-filtration System.  The system itself sells for just under $200 and your annual maintenance cost is only about $125 a year.  The system removes fluoride, chlorine, chloramines, sediment, bad taste, bacteria heavy metals, odor and particulates.    Using the C3 Prefitration System WILL NOT remove minerals from the water like an RO system does.

One more reason to pre-filter is to extend your effective filter life.  While most water ionizer filters are designed to last for a set number of liters based on average source water conditions.  Some source waters have more particulates and bacteria than others.  Customers will sometimes report a drop in water pressure or that the begin detecting a slight odor or taste in their water before their filters have reached their lifespan in liters.  A pre-filter can ensure that you get the maximum life and effectiveness from the filters in your water ionizer.

Unless a different request is made by the customer the pre-filters I use come from Chanson, the company that designed the C3 Prefiltration System.  From Chanson:

“It’s our position that no ionizer filter removes everything and that any contaminate passing the onboard filter is being concentrated and driven deeper into your cells. No medical studies have ever been done to say that their is an ill effect from this but out of concern for our customers health we recommend them <prefilters>.   98% of our customers opt to purchase them <prefilters>. We do not claim that the three 10 inch filters <in the C3 System> remove everything since water sources vary from area to area and there is no way to test them all, but we do know that it is a significant step in protecting the customers long term health.”

If you have questions about pre-filtration for your water ionizer, don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me.  I’m happy to help you make the best choice for your needs.

Romi Sink
Water Ionizer Authority
(727) 498-4826