Supporting Olympic Hopeful

Supporting Olympic Hopeful

A few months ago I was contacted by Olympic hopeful Mark Hollis.  Mark is a pole-vaulter who made his first jump at age 4 when his big brother brought home a pole that he had customized for him.  He’s been flying through the air ever since and is working to make the next Olympic team.

Mark had been told about alkaline ionized water by other competitors at qualifying metes  and, after learning more about the properties of the water and how it worked, wanted to see if it would help him “run faster & jump higher.”  Looking for any healthy, natural competitive edge, Mark contacted me about water ionizers.  I felt this was a great opportunity to get feedback from a full-time competing athlete on how alkaline ionized water enhanced performance and decided to send him a demo Tyent TURBO 7070 unit that I had been using for testing here.

Mark just missed qualifying the 2008 Olympic team but he didn’t give up on the dream.  He continued to train, continued to compete and is well on his way to qualifying for the next Summer Olympics.  His dedication to the sport, serving the community and the support of his family and friends have kept him moving toward his goal of making the 2012 Olympic team – and his ultimate goal – the world record which would mean hitting the 20′ 1/2″ mark.

Since he began drinking alkaline ionized water Mark says that he feels better than before.  He feels good about the water – it’s natural, nothing added – just good quality water that helps him recover after training and events and helps him perform at his best.  For travel, Mark is using the H2Go Portable ionizer – at home he and his family are enjoying the Tyent TURBO 7070.

A relative of mine joked about my water ionizer business – “so if I drink this water I’ll run faster and jump higher?”

Don’t take it from me – ask a pole vaulter – according to him, the answer is “yes.”

I’m glad that I was in a position to support Mark’s efforts  when he called.  Following his progress over the past few months has been exciting and I check his blog regularly for updates and upcoming events.

If you’d like to follow Mark’s progress in his pursuit of a spot on the 2012 Olympic team and his ultimate world record goal you should check out his blog:

You’ll find more information about Mark along with pictures from his events – and his latest post – “USA NATIONAL CHAMPION!!!”

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