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ORP – Alkaline Water vs Alkaline Ionized Water

The ORP of alkaline water is where alkaline ionized water drinkers get the biggest benefits.

“Oxidation reduction potential” or “ORP” as it is referred to in the water ionizer industry, equals antioxidant potential.

While drinking alkaline water offers benefits over drinking regular tap or bottled water, the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) of the water is the true measure of its potential health benefits.

Not all “alkaline water” is equal when it comes to ORP.

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Ionized Athlete Fall Training

Back Cover of Gill Athletics Fall Catalog

Our Ionized Athlete, Mark Hollis, has begun his fall training and meet schedule.  He’s done great so far this year, winning the USA National Men’s Championship title and continues on the road towards Olympic trials.  He was recently featured on the back cover of Gill Athletics fall catalog with his USA title.

While there are several events between now and then, the stepped up training regimen and all of those other meets are all part of the plan to take his next big step towards Olympic trials – that is winning the 2011 World Championship in August of next year.

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Alkaline Water and Cyst Reduction

Ruby is a Water Ionizer Authority customer and a great example of someone who’s done all the right things yet found herself with a diagnosis she never expected.  Too young and too committed to natural health to surrender an ovary as recommended by doctors, her husband discovered alkaline water and she decided to give it a try.   They purchased a KYK Genesis (now sold as the Genesis Platinum) and Ruby began drinking the water like crazy.   We weren’t 100% sure what the results would be but we’re all in agreement that trying “ionized water therapy” was worth it!

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Water & Your Health

Water & HealthDiabetes, obesity, allergies, digestion problems, arthritis, migraines, STRESS – all common conditions these days.  Billions of dollars are spent on medications and supplements designed to “cure” these issues – but what if there were a simple way to correct these conditions?  And what if there were no long list of potential side-effects from the treatment?

Did you know that a headache is often a sign of dehydration?
Did you know that mental and physical fatigue can be related to dehydration?
Did you know that skin and digestion problems were often cries from the body for more water?

Here are some things you should know about water and your health…

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Water Ionizer Test Results

pH_Testing_MASTERI recently completed Round 1 of my annual “Testing of the Water Ionizers.”  I’m thrilled to report that (as expected) all units tested so far are performing at the same levels they were when I first got them.

Round 1 testing included Tyent’s TURBO 7070, the KYK Genesis and the Jupiter Athena.    I’ll be testing several other units in the weeks to come but for now, here’s how the Tyent TURBO, KYK Genesis and Jupiter Athena performed -

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