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Another Happy Alkalux Water Ionizer Customer


“Works like a charm”

That’s what this Alkalux water ionizer customer had to say about this model.

The Alkalux is a great water ionizer at a great price.  I get more referrals from Alkalux water ionizer customers than any other brand.

Read what “Idaho Em” had to say about her new Alkalux water ionizer…..

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Best Water Ionizer Testimonial – referrals

Read the Alkalux Review

I get a lot of great testimonials from customers about the water ionizers they’ve purchased and about the amazing benefits they’ve experienced since they began drinking alkaline ionized water.  I’m thankful for them all and always appreciate the feedback – it provides “real life” stories that can be shared with others as they decide whether or not investing in a water ionizer is the right choice for them.

Yesterday I got a different kind of testimonial – maybe one of the best product testimonials a customer can give with regard to how pleased they are with their purchase and their level of satisfaction….

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Tyent Retires MMP-7070 Non-Turbo Model

Tyent USA Product Reviews Tyent USA announced plans to retire their standard MMP-7070 model water ionizer.

With the introduction of the TURBO 7070 last year and the launch of their 9-plate TURBO 9090 Extreme water ionizer this year, demand for the standard 7070 waned as customers opted for the higher wattage TURBO models.  

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Alkalux Review

High-End Quality, Mid-Range Price

When we were approached about evaluating a new water ionizer product for the mid-range price market we were thrilled. About 70% of all water ionizer sales fall in the mid range ($1,500 – $2,000) price category. After putting the Alkalux through its paces over the past few weeks we’re confident in recommending this unit as a “Top Pick” in the mid-range price category.

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