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How Alkaline Water Works in the Body

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If you buy into the concept that drinking alkaline water reduces acids in your body and balances your body’s pH, then you could just as easily buy into the concept that drinking alkaline water is bad for you – or that drinking alkaline water does nothing because it’s neutralized by stomach acids.

The statement “drinking alkaline water will make you more alkaline” is an over-simplification most often made by well-intentioned yet overzealous individuals who have experienced positive results from drinking this water.  Before deciding that drinking alkaline water is good or bad for you it is important to understand how alkaline water works in the body.

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Alkaline Ionized Water Relieves High Blood Pressure


Customer experience with alkaline water and high blood pressure.

“Joyce” first noticed an increase in energy and mental clarity along with relief from joint pain.  When she returned to have her high blood pressure checked, the results were so positive that her doctor thought she had been taking prescription medication.

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Alkaline Water Relieved High Blood Pressure

This is from one of my Tyent customers who was faced with the possibility of starting a prescription medication therapy to relieve high blood pressure.

She was fortunate to have a physician who was open to letter her try to correct her blood pressure naturally rather than insisting that she immediately begin treating it with prescription medication.

Here’s Joyce’s Story….

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Hangover Relief

Most of us have done it at least once in our lives – had a little “too  much fun” – too much to drink, too many goodies at the party the night before.  The next day, all you want is a little R & R – rest and RELIEF.

If you are a water ionizer owner you’ve got one of the best home-remedies for overindulgence you can find.

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Noticeable Difference Drinking Alkaline Water

Sometimes water ionizer owners don’t fully appreciate the difference drinking alkaline ionized water makes until they’ve been without it for a few days.

This story is about a customer who, after updating their kitchen faucet, was unable to get alkaline ionized water for several days.  It wasn’t long before they realized just how big a difference drinking water from their ionizer had made in their day to day life.

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