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Free Your Faucet – Chanson G2 Faucet

Chanson G2 Faucet

Out of the blue, I’ve received a number of calls this week from counter top water ionizer customers looking for an alternative to the faucet adapter installation.  While many water ionizers can be connected directly to the cold water line under the sink with no problems, other water ionizers need a valve to stop and start the water supply.

The solution I’ve been sharing with everyone this week: Chanson’s G2 Faucet.

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Alternate Water Ionizer Installation – G2 Faucet

G2 Faucet Installation GuideThis guide illustrates installation of your counter top water ionizer using Chanson’s G2 Faucet.  The G2 Faucet eliminates the need for a faucet adapter and a waste water hose draining into your sink.

The G2 Faucet can be used with any counter top water ionizer and is ideal for those who with more modern kitchen faucets or faucets that have a pull-out sprayer rather than a standard tap.  No faucet adapter means no hose running from your faucet, across the back of your sink and to your water ionizer.  Your water ionizer will be protected against anyone accidentally running hot water through your ionizer.

Your water ionizer will still sit on the counter but water is supplied to the unit through connection to the G2 Faucet instead of the traditional faucet adapter.  The drain hose is replaced by the spout on the G2 Faucet – your drain hose now connects to the G2 Faucet and waste water is eliminated through the spout.

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