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Alternate Water Ionizer Installation: Connect to Cold Water Line

This guide illustrates Water Ionizer Authority’s recommended installation method for counter top water ionizers.  This installation method will make your counter top water ionizer easier to use, frees your faucet from adapters & hoses,  and protect it from damage that can be caused by accidentally running hot water through the unit.

Your water ionizer will still sit on the counter top near the sink, offering full access to the control panel.  The difference with this installation is how water is supplied to the unit.  Instead of adding an adapter to your faucet with the hose running from the faucet to your water ionizer, an adapter is placed directly in the cold water line below the sink.  This provides a constant supply of water to your ionizer which means no more turning the faucet on and diverting water to the ionizer.  The water supply has already been diverted below the sink using a dedicated water supply line for your counter top water ionizer.

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