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Old School Ethics + Awesome Water Ionizer = Very Satisfied Water Ionizer Customer


Tyent water ionizer customer reviews his experience with Water Ionizer Authority – and his Tyent 7070 TURBO.  He included his basic source water information and the results of his personal testing with pH and ORP meters.

Very thorough review from a very satisfied customer….

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Chanson VS70 Customer Review

Chanson VS70

Chanson VS70 customer review.  He’s had his Chanson under counter water ionizer for over a year now and has been promising to send a review since the first week he got it.  He’s a single father so I appreciate the time he took to send his comments, no matter how long it took!

Here’s what he had to say about his experience with the Chanson VS70.

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Another Happy Alkalux Water Ionizer Customer


“Works like a charm”

That’s what this Alkalux water ionizer customer had to say about this model.

The Alkalux is a great water ionizer at a great price.  I get more referrals from Alkalux water ionizer customers than any other brand.

Read what “Idaho Em” had to say about her new Alkalux water ionizer…..

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Why We Chose Tyent – Customer Story

This is one of the most informative “testimonials” I’ve received from a customer.

“Joji” and his wife share their story about how they ultimately decided on a Tyent water ionizer – from learning about alkaline water, to their research into water ionizer products as well as their experience with their Tyent MMP-7070. 

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Another Happy EC450 Customer

At $650, the Watershed EC450 is the most affordable full-function water ionizer available.

But don’t let the small price fool you!

This machine does a great job of producing both alkaline ionized water at the 9.5 pH drinking level as well as varying levels of acidic ionized water.

All of my Watershed customers have been very pleased with their purchase decisions.  This is what H. Stewart had to say about his Watershed EC450….

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