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Kangen Water – New Enagic Water Ionizers

Kangen Water MachinesKangen water enthusiasts got a boost late last year with Enagic’s new water ionizer models, the SD501 Platinum and the SD501U, Enagic’s under-counter model.

After years of the same look on the company’s top-selling Leveluk SD501, the company released it’s updated version of the popular SD501 – the SD501 Platinum.

As “ionization over filtration” has become a more popular choice, the demand for fully functional under-counter water ionizer models has increased.  Enagic’s answer? 

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Battle of the Brands: Acid Water Showdown

blue_red_boxing_glovesWhen faced with challenges getting reasonable acid water levels, one customer was willing to work with me on trying different units.  Want to know which water ionizer worked best?   Read about his experience and find out which water ionizer he ultimately chose.

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Kangen Water

Kangen Water is a phrase that has been trademarked by Enagic, a multi- level marketing company. While “kangen water” is trademarked by Enagic and the company has done such a wonderful job of bringing awareness to the benefits of ionized water, there are some things consumers should know about “kangen water.”

The “kangen water” that comes from Enagic’s water ionizers or “kangen water machines” is actually “ionized water,” nothing more and nothing less. A “kangen water machine” is simply a water ionizer.

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Enagic SD501 vs. AQ500

One of the products we’re asked is about most is the Enagic SD501.  Most shoppers seem to love it on paper right up until they see the price tag. While everyone is interested in purchasing the product, they want the product – not the MLM opportunity.

Here’s a rundown of the differences between these two products…

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