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Alkaline Ionized Water Relieves High Blood Pressure


Customer experience with alkaline water and high blood pressure.

“Joyce” first noticed an increase in energy and mental clarity along with relief from joint pain.  When she returned to have her high blood pressure checked, the results were so positive that her doctor thought she had been taking prescription medication.

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Alkaline Water Relieved High Blood Pressure

This is from one of my Tyent customers who was faced with the possibility of starting a prescription medication therapy to relieve high blood pressure.

She was fortunate to have a physician who was open to letter her try to correct her blood pressure naturally rather than insisting that she immediately begin treating it with prescription medication.

Here’s Joyce’s Story….

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Case Study: “Donna” Diabetes & High Blood Pressure

“Donna” is a Water Ionizer Authority customer who called several months ago looking for a less expensive alternative to Enagic’s SD501.  She was assured that no other water ionizer would be able to produce the results she would get from an Enagic water ionizer.  She felt good about her decision to purchase a Tyent TURBO 7070 but she and her husband never imagined just how powerfully this unit would affect them.

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Your Body’s pH Balance

It’s important to understand how pH levels work. The scale on which we measure pH is logarithmic, meaning that each whole pH value below 7 is ten times more acidic than the next higher digit. If the pH changes from 7 to 8, then the substance is 10 times more alkaline. Conversely, if it changes from 7 to 6, it is ten times more acidic. Tap water has a pH of 7. This is a neutral pH; it is neither alkaline nor acidic. Later we will explain how municipal tap water is maintained at a neutral level and the adverse effects of this.

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