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The Unbiased Truth: KYK Genesis

Now Sold as the KYK Generation II (KYK Gen2)

The KYK Genesis has long been one of my favorite water ionizers.  After doing their research and reviewing my product comparison charts, more customers end up choosing the KYK Genesis than any other water ionizer.

This is the unbiased truth about the KYK Genesis based on my personal experience and feedback from customers, and how I’ve found this unit to other water ionizers in performance, operation and adjustability.

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Reality Check: Water Ionizers "Burning Out"

Reality Check:  Units Burning Out

Among other things, one concern expressed by customers is that they don’t want a unit that will “burn out”  or “burn up” from overheating or overuse.  While this is a risk with ANY electrical appliance there are some things you should know about water ionizers and the risk of “burn out.”

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Why you should care about the water you drink


Often, when I tell people about ionized water, I hear them say, I’m not too worried about the water I drink.

These same people will be very focused on eating healthy, on using chemical free products to clean their house and clothes, they don’t smoke or do drugs.  Yet they don’t think the water they drink is important.

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