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Chanson Water Ionizer Causes Titanium Poisoning


This is a new spin on an old rumor but it remains just that – A RUMOR.

As the story goes, someone was treated for titanium poisoning – typically found in the jaw area – and it was traced back to their use of a Chanson (or other) water ionizer.  Before you buy into the latest version of the “if you don’t buy an Enagic water ionizer you could end up with titanium poisoning you should read this article.

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Rumor of the Week: Tyent’s Plates are Sprayed…

Rumor of the WeekI got my “rumor of the week” early this week.  Every week I hear some new rumor circulating about one water ionizer company or another.  I jokingly refer to these things as “rumors of the week” or “poop de jour.”  So I decided to start a blog series to address these rumors, myths and just downright falsehoods.

This week it’s an e-mail from a concerned customer.  They purchased a Tyent 7070 about 10 days ago from another company.   The Enagic representative who likely got them interested in ionized water told them that the plates in other water ionizers were “sprayed” with titanium and the cut into pieces.  Real or rumor????

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