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Kangen Water Machines can Run all day non-stop


Can Kangen Water Machines from Enagic run all day producing alkaline water?  According to many of Enagic representatives, yes it can!  It’s a popular selling point used by Kangen Water independent distributors when selling against other models.  “Enagic water ionizers can run all day if you want them to, without ever overheating or shutting down.”

But is it true?   We went to the source, Enagic USA, to determine the actual recommended run-time for their famous Kangen Alkaline Water Machines.

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Kangen Water – New Enagic Water Ionizers

Kangen Water MachinesKangen water enthusiasts got a boost late last year with Enagic’s new water ionizer models, the SD501 Platinum and the SD501U, Enagic’s under-counter model.

After years of the same look on the company’s top-selling Leveluk SD501, the company released it’s updated version of the popular SD501 – the SD501 Platinum.

As “ionization over filtration” has become a more popular choice, the demand for fully functional under-counter water ionizer models has increased.  Enagic’s answer? 

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What are Alternatives to the Enagic SD501?

What are the most popular alternatives to Enagic’s SD501?

The 2 most popular alternatives to the Enagic SD501 are the KYK Genesis (recently upgraded and sold as the Generation II)  and the Tyent KYK Generation IInullproducts followed by the Watershed EC550 and the Jupiter Athena.  The customers find minimal or no difference in the taste and texture of the water and they are all achieving the same personal results as they were when they were drinking Enagic water.


Kangen Water

Kangen Water is water that has been restored to its natural state – hexagonally structured and micro-clustered.

The water ionizer company Enagic has trademarked the term “Kangen Water” and Enagic fans and representatives often claim that only an Enagic or “Kangen” water ionizer/water machine will produce Kangen Water.

The fact is that all water ionizers produce what can easily be called “kangen water” which is simply ionized water, hexagonal in structure in micro-clusters.  Enagic trademarked the phrase “kangen water” for marketing purposes.