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How Do the Jupiter Orion & Aquarius Compare to Others?

I went to this web site and they are sooooo in favor of the Jupiter Orion or Aquarius.   I don’t know if you know Dr. Young but he is very well respected. I spoke to one of his breast cancer survivors this morning.   Wow what an inspiration she is.   I am so confused.  What are your thoughts?

I just want to buy a great machine but I certainly do not want to spend money that I do not need to spend.   I have a 4 year old and a busy life so I need convenience as well.

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KYK Genesis Generation II REVIEW

You’ve heard about it, you’ve looked for it, we’ve ALL been looking for it!  2009′s best selling water ionizer, the KYK Genesis.

Well, IT’S BACK…

KYK, the name you know, introduces the Generation II.  Everything customers loved about the original KYK Genesis with more power, longer warranty and a new silver/white design now offered through KYK USA.

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