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Ionized Water To Go

Portable Purification, Portable Ionization

We are often asked about bottling ionized water to take to work or on the road. There are a lot of little issues bottling ionized water and we don’t recommend it. Once you dispense your ionized water, the negative hydroxyl ions that provide the best antioxidant benefits are gone after 20-30 minutes. Once exposed to light and heat, the water begins losing its alkalinity.

What we recommend for ionized water on the go is the H2Go Portable Water Ionizer, formerly sold as the Waterman Pitcher. Ideal for work, travel, camping – anywhere you can’t take your home water ionizer unit. The H2Go quickly and easily turns ordinary tap or bottled water into ionized water in minutes.

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I Have heard about ‘sticks’ to use in water bottles for away from home use (school/work) as well. Anything there?

Yes, these do work well but we typically recommend a “pitcher” product like the H2Go Portable Ionizer.   This has been Water Ionizer Authority’s best selling portable option and can be used with regular unfiltered tap water and both effectively eliminate bacteria, chlorine and other chemicals as well as VOC’s.

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Water & Your Health

Water & HealthDiabetes, obesity, allergies, digestion problems, arthritis, migraines, STRESS – all common conditions these days.  Billions of dollars are spent on medications and supplements designed to “cure” these issues – but what if there were a simple way to correct these conditions?  And what if there were no long list of potential side-effects from the treatment?

Did you know that a headache is often a sign of dehydration?
Did you know that mental and physical fatigue can be related to dehydration?
Did you know that skin and digestion problems were often cries from the body for more water?

Here are some things you should know about water and your health…

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Things to Know about the H2Go

H2Go Portable Ionizer

H2Go Portable Ionizer

I *love* the H2Go.  Easy to use, portable, affordable – even comes with pH testing drops so you can see what a difference it makes in the water for yourself.  It’s my best seller and H2Go customers are my best source of new H2Go customers – once someone sees how it works (and how well it works), they want one too.

As easy as it is to use, there are some things you should know about using, maintaining and storing your H2Go.  This post was inspired by customer calls and e-mails about the product.  If you’re considering an H2Go for yourself, the information here will help get you going and answer the most common questions about using the product.

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