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The Unbiased Truth: KYK Genesis

Now Sold as the KYK Generation II (KYK Gen2)

The KYK Genesis has long been one of my favorite water ionizers.  After doing their research and reviewing my product comparison charts, more customers end up choosing the KYK Genesis than any other water ionizer.

This is the unbiased truth about the KYK Genesis based on my personal experience and feedback from customers, and how I’ve found this unit to other water ionizers in performance, operation and adjustability.

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Acid Water: Read Before You Buy

This post is an information advisory for customers who plan to make use of the “acid water” feature available on water ionizers.

One of the most common technical support calls I receive is about acid water.   Getting alkaline water at a pH of 9.5 or higher is pretty easy.  Getting acid water is a different story.  If you are buying a water ionizer with the intention of using the acid water settings there are a few things you need to know.

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