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Rumor of the Week: Ray Kurzweil Reviews/Recommends Ionizer Brands


Okay – so admittedly I don’t do these on a weekly basis.  There’s just something about the propagating negativity that I find distasteful – at some point I’ll probably change this category to “Fact or Fiction” or something like that.

All that aside, there is something that has been rearing its head again recently that I felt the needed clarification/debunking.  Ray Kurzweil is arguably one of the most tireless scientists, researchers, writers, inventors of our time.  His honors, inventions, accolades and publications are too numerous to mention – and perhaps even keep up with.  What hasn’t this man done?

Well, from my research he hasn’t reviewed water ionizers.  Nor has he come out with an open endorsement of any one water ionizer company, brand, make or model…

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