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Sanastec/Enagic, What’s the Deal?


Lots of calls and e-mails lately from people trying to get the facts on Enagic and Sanastec.  Sanastec claims to be offering the Enagic units and is blatantly using “Kangen Water” which Enagic claims to have exclusive trademark right to use.  Enagic reps have told many of the people I’ve spoken with that the Sanastec units are not the same in quality and are manufactured by a different company.  Another source on the internet claims that Hironari Oshira, owner of Enagic USA is also the owner of Sanastec.  So what’s the real deal?

I did some research myself.  I’m not jumping to any personal conclusions that I’d care to share publicly but I *am* willing to share the information that I’ve found.

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