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Healthy Gifts, Great Gifts, Under $100

These are great gift ideas for health-minded friends and family members.  Eco-friendly and affordable, these little gems have been big winners here at water ionizer authority.

Many customers who have purchased these products have come right back to purchase another one or two (or sometimes more!) for friends, family members or co-workers.  They make great gifts for any occasion and are easy on both the environment and your wallet!

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Water Ionizer Year in Review

2009 Year in ReviewWant to know which company had the best selling water ionizer in 2009?  Which under counter models were winners with customers in 2009?

What about portable options?Find out which products were “best sellers” with Water Ionizer Authority customers in 2009 and why – countertop water ionizers, under counter water ionizers, portables and other “healthy water” products – all broken down by customer favorites according to sales.

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Shower Filters: Personal Experience

I’ve been using a shower filter for so long now that I had forgotten what it was like NOT to use one.  On a recent trip I got to experience the shower reality of a few non-filtered showers.  I won’t be making that mistake again.

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Chlorine, Cancer and Heart Disease


“We are quite convinced, based on this study, that there is an association between cancer and chlorinated water”
- Medical College Of Wisconsin research team

The addition of chlorine to our drinking water began in the late 1800s and by 1904 was the standard in water treatment, and for the most part remains so today. We don’t use chlorine because it’s the safest or even the most effective means of disinfection, we use it because it is the cheapest. In spite of all our technological advances, we essentially still pour bleach in our water before we drink it.

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